Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SOS136: cabin fever

i fully realize that compared to northern canada-- or, for that matter, even new england and parts of upstate new york-- a new jersey winter is not especially harsh. even this year's higher-than-usual ratio of snow days has been quite mild, compared to more northerly climes. additionally, we are lucky enough to live in a fairly populous suburban area, where the roads are plowed quite quickly, and weather-based inconvenience is definitely at the lower end of the scale. having said all of that, and with complete cognizance of what a spoiled brat i am, i still have to tell you, in confidence,

holy moly 
flippin' OVER winter, 
thank you for listening. 
i feel better now. :) 

if you are similarly beaten down by the cares and heartaches of not having been outside to play in far too long, why not join us this week at shopping our stash for a little challenge we like to call, "cabin fever" for which we'd like to see you make anything with an outdoorsy vibe. you can do snowy trees and frozen lakes*, of course, if you're into it. or indulge your warm weather fantasies, with beaches, gardens, meadows... whatever you like! i decided to branch out (ok, sorry, worst pun ever!) by re-creating one of my favorite sights of spring: lovely birds in a tree full of leaves and flowers!

(vintage: book paper and oriole illustration; very very old pale green patterned paper: crate; copper metallic cardstock: the paper cobrads: oriental trading; dogwood flowers: off a silk-flower branch from michaels; spray inks: tattered angels, mister huey's mist, smooch spritz; leaf mask: heidi swapp; adhesives: scotch gluestick, staples brand gluetape runner, 3m foam tape, sewing machine)

i only realized as i sat down to type this how few commercial products i've used here, but i've definitely tapped plenty of vintage-based stash! i spent a pleasant half hour over the weekend playing with masks and inks on vintage dictionary pages; i fussy cut a pair of baltimore orioles; i did a little machine stitching; and then i called it a night.

each and every week, olympic gold-medal-winning levels of usin'-up stuff is being performed by my lovely SOS dt-mates. why not cruise over to shopping our stash and observe this phenomenon? ciao for now, darlings! ♥

*afterall, BY FAR the best place for that sort of thing is ON CARDS, am i right?!!


  1. Awesome card, love those oriole and all the other great elements on the card.

  2. What a gorgeous card! Loving the orioles and dogwood flowers! (Living in Baltimore, I'm not biased at all!) Lol!

  3. Hey, winter still sucks. Grey skies, blechy weather...there's no joy in saying "oh yeah my winter sucks more." I so hear ya on being over it already!!
    This card is so very springy - love the watercolour effect on the background, and those GORGEOUS birds!!

  4. Here here on the done with winter part. It is just beating us down this year,worst than many other years combined. But the card is gorgeous and spring like and gives me hope that by June we may with fingers crossed have some flowers and hopefully be somewhat thawed out from our ice age like deep freeze that we have had since the end of November.

  5. Well, we don't get all that frigid stuff way down here in Texas - at least not so much anyway. Yet......I am so ready for spring and summer too! They need to shorten winter to about 3 weeks and just let it go at that!

    I DO love your card!!! Completely gorgeous!


  6. Branch out...hee hee...I totally appreciated that!!
    Your card makes me feel like spring can't be too far off...OK maybe wishful thinking on my part :)

  7. is your dining room dogwood nekkid yet? is LHJ wondering why it keeps diminishing in size?

    wonderful card, as always!

  8. I was just pondering to myself what the next SOS theme was because I knew I knew it.... and there you were to remind me that it was cabin fever. I really like your card with its bright birdies on it and the vintage dictionary pages. How old does a dict need to be to be vintage? I have the one from college but *I'm* not vintage yet so obviously it isn't.

  9. oookkkk you made me laugh right out loud with the first part of your post. I can just hear you saying those things and after I leave this comment I am taking my laptop upstairs to have Katie read your post. She will love it! I love your card. I too am longing for spring and the chance to work in my flowers and see leaves on the trees! Love the leaves inked on the dictionary pages!! Looks gorgeous!


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