Friday, January 3, 2014

snow day!

snow is not exactly rare here in the northeast, but the last couple of years we've had two uncharacteristically mild winters in a row-- which some of us quite liked, actually; WHY are we changing back??!-- so perhaps we're a bit out of practice. something that *IS* rare here at our house is a snow day on which even intrepid husband jeff doesn't care to venture out. we only got maybe five inches or so of the white stuff overnight, but it was on top of some ice, and accompanied this morning by strong winds, and for once that worthy fellow decided to stay at home. i'm a chicken, myself, so i was ALWAYS laying low today, but it's kind of fun to have company! he's clearing the driveway at present, and even from this distance i believe i can hear the word, "snowblower" being muttered occasionally; i suspect home depot will be seeing a little more of our money before winter's end! :)

inside the house it's a lot warmer, so this seems like the perfect time to do a little tinkering here at the old blogstead. i had made a new header over the holidays, and today i finally fitted the words on* in a way i like, so here it is:

(digital elements: taped together paper pack no 1 (at the verrrrrry back, lol) and basic tags no 1 by katie pertiet, designer digitals; multi media flowers no 1 and twiggy brush set no 1 by anna aspnes, o'scraps; birds and text from renewed spirit kit by agnes biro, design house digital; clockface from mixed elements pack no 2 by juliette kniepp, design house digital; free fonts: bohemian typewriter and cry kitty; software: adobe photoshop elements 9)
now that my blog is neatly dressed i suppose i should follow suit. i mean, what kind of responsible adult is still in her pajamas at noon? oh wait, i know that one: the COMFORTABLE kind! nevermind, darlings; let's just stay cozy today, ok? ♥♥♥

*first rule of header-making: plan the design around your blog's title, rather than trying to fit it in at the end. it's a ZILLION times easier, and will probably look better. this is a very important point that i almost always ignore and almost always regret ignoring. ah well. c'est la vie creative, non? 


  1. Love the new look! Maybe someday I'll spice up my blog, though I don't think it'll look as lovely as yours.

  2. We are also having a snowy day today...blizzard warnings issued...I wish we could get a snow day here....we got about 12-15 inches today and the winds are supposed to pick up wickedly tonight...I played hookey from work...drove down our street this morning, saw the drifts, said "screw it" turned around and went back home and crawled back in my pjs...was feeling sick anyway...can't seem to shake this nasty virus since our trip...maybe this weekend it will turn your header by the way...looks fabulous....

  3. Loving the new look! Stay warm and safe my friend!

  4. it! Stay Warm!

  5. Sure hope you enjoyed your SNOW day! They are delicious if there is no where you HAVE to go! Sure hope you didn't rush to get out of your jammies, I am still in mine - it's 1:20 pm on Sunday. Not a normal practice of mine, but it IS my last day of holidays after all! Dinner is in the crockpot and I am spending as much time as is possible in my scrap room!

    Your blog header looks great! HOPE for spring!
    Shanna :)

  6. Yay for LHJ! I can barely get dhDH to stay home and chicken me will stay INSIDE where I am safe, warm and cozy :)

    And I LOVE your new blog very Lauren-y (which is to say beautiful and amazing.)

  7. Despite all the frustration, the header turned out BEAUTIFULLY and I love it!
    And seriously, this winter is just crazy. We've already had more than a metre of snow, and temps have been staying in the -20s and dipping down into the -30s. Usually all those things don't happen until the end of Jan/Feb. *wah*

  8. I love the new header! It turned out so cute.


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