Friday, January 10, 2014

old and new, redux!

i know i mentioned this over and over (and over!) again last year, but i really love that we're fortnightly rather than weekly at ♥JINGLE BELLES! because most of the time my problem isn't that i don't have enough ideas, it's that i have too many; and having to choose only one for any given challenge can be kind of agonizing. so it's awesome to have *TWO* shots at every single prompt throughout the year. here's my second card for "something old something new", on which i've got a couple of old things, a few new things, and two that qualify as BOTH!

(vintage: doily, and scan of vintage postcard made slightly smaller and printed on kodak premium photo paper; patterned paper: crate; tape: k and co and freckled fawn; brad: my mind's eye; florals: michaels; adhesives: staples brand gluetape runner, 3m foam tape, sewing machine)

first the new things, which were part of some lovely xmas presents i received: paper from miss june, plus tape from leslie and gina; the oldies are the brad and the pink silk poinsettias (stolen from an xmas garland i bought at michaels!); as for the category of items both old and new, both came from the amazing stephanie... so they are new to me, but they're vintage... so they're old, as well: the doily and the lusciously gorgeous postcard! ok, technically, the latter is a scan of said p/c because i do also collect vintage postcards, and i couldn't quite bear to part with it permanently! :) also, making a copy allows me to scale things down just a tiny bit, so they fit better on a "normal" (in this case 6" square) card!

speaking of stephanie, of course you know she has ROCKED this idea yet again, but don't take my word for it, jump on over to ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ to see for yourself!


  1. really how everything goes together so nicely and those pink leaves...LOVE

  2. Washi tape!! It looks good. I love how you put this card together. Def. not expected at all. :)

  3. What a lovely way to pull all those gifts together. That postcard is beautiful and you've made it even more so.


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