Wednesday, January 29, 2014

my collage-making obsession continues...

...and the aptly named collage obsession blog is fully supporting my habit!  this week's prompt is "bridge" which we can use in any way we'd like. i wound up being pretty literal, using a vintage gummed label of the golden gate bridge from an american geographical society book:

once i had the cool sticker as a centerpiece, i thought i might use some of the "bits" from my 2012 trip to san francisco, but it didn't turn out that way. somehow, i wound up using the colors of the photo more than anything, and working rather randomly; which seems to be my collaging style at the moment.

however as i look at the completed piece, i realize that i've got chopsticks and some chinese text and the fortune from a cookie... which kind of (obliquely) illustrate how much we loved san francisco's chinatown. and there's a tally sheet... quite appropriate, since on every trip my friend barb and i take together there is a SERIOUS ongoing canasta tournament at the hotel each evening! then, i suppose, the rest of the vintagey bits and bobs can represent the fact that we've never been known to walk past a thrift shop, rummage sale or bookstore without going in. so really, this collage is all about our trip, afterall! :)

be sure to check out collage obsession, there is already a totally *FAB* gallery of work posted for the "bridge" theme!


  1. Very cool! Your art is always so neat looking and so eye-catching! Craft on my friend, love the inspiration!

  2. I like hear about how this collage came to be and what it represents--even if you didn't realize it at first. How fun!

  3. Wonderful. Great composition. Really shows your trip.


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