Thursday, January 23, 2014

knitting mojo!

here in the northeast we got slammed with more snow this week, and boy was grateful that i could stay indoors through the worst of it! luckily, lovely husband jeff, who HAD TO be at work, was clever enough to have booked a "just in case" hotel room near his plant the night before, and he rode out the storm safely, as well. so in the end, what 8" of white stuff meant to me was an extra day, all on my own, playin' with paper. there are definitely worse fates! :)

(almost everything here is vintage ephemera, including those gorgeous graphed letters i cut from a needlepoint how-to; the crocheted flower illustrations from an old yarncraft book; and that fabulous doll in her glorious 1979's KNITTED trouser suit! the exceptions being a crate paper fabric brad, some dymo label, core'dinations cardstock, and colorbox inks.) 

i made this yarn-themed card for a knitting friend, using loads of off-cuts and leftovers from a new crop of small knitting journals i've been working on, very similar to the mini sewing journals i made last fall. i'm hoping to list the new yarn ones in my etsy shop this weekend!

i used this week's mojo monday sketch (#329) for my layout, rotating it ninety degrees to the left so my stunning-knitwear-clad beauty would be facing into the card!

another fab thing that happened during the snowstorm is that i found a really great local guy to plow our driveway! ordinarily, jeff gets home early enough to do it, but it certainly is nice to know that in a pinch, there's a trustworthy and affordable option that does not involve my already creaky back and a big heavy shovel. thank heavens for friendly entrepreneurs, am i right, darlings?! ♥♥♥


  1. Fantastic! Congratulations for this great piece of art. We do love to see the inspiring crafts and that you find our Dymo embossers useful. Keep up with the good work! ^CP

  2. What a super fun card! I unearthed my Barbie box and showed the kids...LOL. The faux Barbies were actually really scary looking.

    A friend and I are headed to a local knitting shop that has a bakery...I'm going to look into a class and definitely check out the bakery.

  3. awesome card!!!!
    so glad you and hubby are safe and you got some crafty time!!!

  4. That knitted trouser suit is so fun ... fabulous card.


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