Monday, January 20, 2014

is this too weird?

as you know, jeff and i have been reminiscing about hawaii a lot lately; but then a cold, grey, new jersey january will do that to you! the other day in the grocery i saw these little plastic palm trees and i just couldn't resist buying them, to make our own private island!

the base of my collage (assemblage? pretend island? what would YOU call this thing??) is a vintage atlas page; the sunset came from the same book. i've got some vintage dictionary paper (including the definition of "tropical"); the flowers and word are from a piece of creative imaginations paper. i wrote the word in big loopy script on a piece of scrap paper, then held it together with the patterned paper to cut it out. other than that, there's a little ink... a little machine stitching... and that's about it, i guess.

i debated quite a bit about posting a project as odd as this, but i'm longing to play along with city crafter's "arty trees" challenge, which ends today. plus you have to admit... these ARE artsy and they are trees, so there ya go! :)


  1. Adorable card!!! thanks for playing along with us at CCCB!

  2. Looooooove this! Maybe you should fashion yourself a paper yourself and LHJ and add them to the scene. And don't forget the drinks with the umbrellas!

  3. So I'm from Southern Arizona and it gets kind of warm here. In fact we have a saying that under 85 is sweater weather and under 80 requires a parka. That said a coworker was so excited to go to Hawaii for a conference, she worked it out to have extra vacation days. She gushed on and on, so excited over "tropical Hawaii!" She came back and said, "IT WAS COLD! TROPICAL HAWAII IS A LIE!!! I FROZE!!!!" So whenever folks talk about tropical Hawaii I imagine bundled up, shivering on a beach while everyone else frolics in a bikini. I'm thinking you found it tropical. I'm thinking we'd all roll over and die rather than live through a NJ winter.

  4. This is so sweet!! Wonderfully done and I can even hear the waves and feel the sun ...Thanks so much for playing along at CCCB!!

  5. Ha!! That is so cool looking!! I love it. It is even cold here. :( I'm cold today and that's not cool at all.


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