Sunday, January 19, 2014

would this be a good time...

...for some totally random collage action?*

this is the birthday collage** i made for my friend paul, in october. i thought i had posted it at the time, but today when i was looking for the post in order to email a link, i couldn't find it. so i apologize if this is a "re-run"!

someone was asking me about my collage-making "process" recently, and i think i babbled something stupid like, "ummmm... i cut stuff out... i glue it on a paper... and ummmmm... then i stop..." after which i turned red and only just barely resisted the impulse to run away. since then, i've been trying to sort of "pay attention" while i make a collage, to see if i can come up with a less ridiculous answer. but it turns out that a reallllllly big chunk-- like probably 80%?-- of my "technique" is subconscious. i hardly ever know what i'm going to make, not really. i look through LOTS of paper and choose some images, pretty randomly; i suppose there must be a teeny tiny part of my brain which is planning ahead, because, eventually i'll start to see commonalities in the things i've chosen. in this case, i realized everything was black and white... plus i had a bunch of hands and eyes to go with the little text caption. then i started looking for more hands and eyes, in black and white. all the while i was shuffling things around on my worktable, seeing how... or if... they'd connect up. so how did the venus de milo and a cartoon carp get in there? no idea, lol! "i cut stuff out... i glued it on a paper... and ummmmm... then i stopped..."  in retrospect, that sums it up pretty well, actually!

happy sunday, darlings! hope you are keeping WARM!!! ♥♥♥

*if you said no, the rest of this post is bound to be disappointing. sorry. on the other hand, the lolcats were especially funny today; feel free to switch over! :)

**instead of a card, i make him a collage every year, and just write, "happy birthday" on the back. how this started is sort of a long story, but to sum up***: he always loves getting them, and i always love making them, so i doubt we'll be changing this tradition any time soon.

***all-time favorite inigo montoya quote from princess bride:  "lemme essplain. no. iss too much. lemme sum up." :) :) :)


  1. Oooh, I love this collage! So fun!

  2. Ohhhhhhh it's always a good time for some totally random collage action!!

  3. very cool! I do that too when I'm like... didn't I post pics about such and such and then realized I never even took pictures. lol


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