Sunday, July 28, 2013

the ICAD-ing continues

and if you think my title is awkward, you should know that i considered and rejected "ICAD-ery" and yes, even "ICAD-ification"; so there! ICAD-ing it is!!! :) despite the fact that i'm already scraping the bottom of the cool title barrel with half a week left to go on the index card a day project, my joy in creating and sharing these little random pieces of art remains undiminished. ♥

053: indian elements
i never get tired of india. i like indian food, i like bollywood movies, i like bhangra, i like mehndi. and i really, realllllllly like little bits of indian-inspired art. with bling on them!!! :) 

054: clouds
cloud punch + vintage italian book page + ship illustration + sewing machine = ♥

055: doodles and tapes
this was inspired by the many gorgeous zentangle and doodle-filled ICADs my fellow participants have been uploading to the flickr group, and not something i invented on the spot to immediately use/justify the awesome roll of bicycle-printed tape i impulse-bought at staples that day. so i don't know *where* you even got that idea. ;)

056: concentric circles
inspired by the week nine prompt list. hand-cut shapes and wonky stitching... a lauren speciality!

057: ogee pattern
another one from the prompt list. i'm starting to feel like i'm getting the hang of water-soluble wax crayons a tiny bit. yay!

next on my agenda is making and decorating a pair of cardboard covers so the collection of cards currently hanging on an extra large ring will start to actually look like a book!


  1. Really GORGEOUS icads! all so lovely, but I think my favs are 54 and 55. how can you go wrong with tape and doodles? you can't!

  2. This is a delightful collection of cards! And I laughed at your title dilemma. All good options.

  3. Where did you find that cloud punch (I have lots of die cuts, but no punch ... how can that be?) ... I think the zentangley bicycles are my favorite ... but India is a very close second. Fantastical.

  4. These look amazing.. Little works of Arts.. :)

  5. icad-ification totally gets my vote. Because of course, I get to vote!
    Mendhi - we were lucky enough to have twins come to the farmers market & do mendhi last spring. I really hope they come back when uni starts back up!
    OMG bike washi!
    Rainbow circles!
    Ogee pattern - Oh, (em), gee, this is fabulous! I love the watercolours here.

  6. Wow, fabulous cards! Such wonderful colours and images. You're obviously a wiz with the sewing machine...those clouds and circles!!!


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