Wednesday, July 10, 2013

it happened during "floor-pocalypse"!

the good news: we're having the (vintage, hardwood) floors in three rooms downstairs sanded and re-stained, and i think they are going to look AMAZING when they are done!

the bad news: i have to be home all week, but cannot get into my office/art lair because they are plastic-ed off and it would require going through the workspace and breaking the awesome floor guys' meticulous dust-minimizing seal; also the a/c cannot be on downstairs and it's hot! so i'm basically camping out upstairs with my computer.

the other good news: i finally got caught up on photographing and posting my ICAD cards, amid more noise, but (thankfully!) less dust than i expected. woohoo! i'm calling this a win!!! ♥

 032: stamps and stamps
vintage postage stamps glued randomly to a card, then stamped on with a BUNCH of different swirly stamps, then sewn swirls on top. and a butterfly! it got a bit "muddy" at the end, but i still kinda like it.

033: definition/monochrome
two ideas, all smooshed together, in collage form. plus... cookies!!! :)

034: fourth of july
when we were buying our house, the owners mentioned that the local country club puts on a great fireworks display, and that our deck has pretty much the best view of it you can get from anywhere. they were sooooooooooooo right!!! ♥

035: transparent layers
this card is entirely flat, but has LOADS of layers, thanks to the wonderful collage tool known as the inkjet transparency. i use them mostly for cardmaking and travel books, but since they are on the pricey side, i always fill in every single bit of space on an 8.5x11" sheet, even if that means printing random digital files. then i put the "extra bits" in my collage file to use later. the buddha and 
lotus are both (heavily photoshopped) photos of mine; the chinese text is an anna aspnes brush, i think.

 036: stream of consciousness
ok, i honestly planned to do traditional (written!) journaling on this one, after i laid down a background of collagey bits. and then somehow the collage bits BECAME the "stream of consciousness". so i just went with it.

037: best friends
ok yeah, i'm definitely in a hardcore collage phase. part of me thinks i should be pushing myself to use other media and shake things up a lot more. the other part is having soooooo much fun gluing and layering that it's just NOT LISTENING. guess which is winning??! :) :) :) 

038: another rainbow
wouldja believe that the yellow part of this collage is the leftover "frame" bit of a sheet of small 3/8" round label stickers? and if you do believe that, can anybody tell me *WHY* i would've saved such a thing??! ok, well, to do this. obviously.

have you checked out the ICAD page at daisy yellow? howsabout the flickr group? both are awesome, i do assure you, darlings! ♥


  1. Can't wait to see the pics of your soon to be gorgeous floors!

    Awesome projects!!!!

  2. Another set if amazing creations ... I just don't know where you come up with all the ideas!

  3. ohh hang in there with the renos- so hard to not be able to do and move freely about your house! It will all be worth it!
    and another fantastic set of continually amaze me!

  4. Such fun cards! And yay you for making the best of a challenging environment. It'll be fun when you can celebrate your gorgeous floors.

  5. these icads are all the layers. Wow!

  6. Great collection! Wonderful colours and variety. And I love the collages!

  7. These are great cards all so different from the other. Your collage ing is fun!

  8. It is a win for me too, I get to see your lovely work, especially miffy, and then I might get a chance to see the pretty house someday : )

  9. You had a lot of fun with those collages, I could tell. I loved how you explained about the sticker paper. A mixed media artist would never think that was a dumb thing to do. Really loved it, too.

  10. Love these cards...the one with the bunny is my fav....but they are all excellent!


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