Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SOS108: red, white and blue!

in honor of of the upcoming independence day holiday, this week at shopping our stash, we are making cards that are red, white and blue! of course, this being the "world wide web", it doesn't seem quite fair to ask EVERYONE to embrace our national colors, so if you'd prefer to use the colors of your own flag, go ahead and do that, instead! even for americans, this might seem like a little bit of a stumper... i mean... no matter how patriotic one is, how many of us actually send cards for the fourth of july? not me, i confess, so i was a little bit unsure what to do. and then i realized that there is plenty of red white and blue gorgeousness in the world that's *not* covered in stars and stripes. so i went secular, so to speak. see?

rub-ons: basic grey; florals: petaloo; brads: my mind's eye; white cardstock and gluetape: staples; other: scrap of denim, secured with xyron adhesive to a bit of cardstock, and machine stitched to card
for some reason the idea of blue denim covered with white rub-ons was really attractive to me. maybe it's all the printed jeans and shorts i've been seeing? i went looking for some denim print paper, but then i thought, "why not REAL denim?!" so i xyroned a bit of a pair of old jeans to some sturdy cardstock, cut a panel sized to fit a "long card", and then sewed around the edge, just for a little extra security... but actually... the adhesive worked really well, and i doubt it was really necessary. i used white thread, though, to give it a little extra design appeal. then i affixed my rub-on* which i cut into a a couple of pieces so that i could better accommodate the flowers in the center. those are attached with brads; again, just to be really sure, since i was working on a textured surface. and that was it, after a little panic at the beginning, this was actually one of the simplest and easiest cards i've made all year. go figure! :)

and now i'm sure you'd like to see what my fellow SOS dt members have done, so off you go, darlings, and i hope you will have an especially festive and safe weekend... no matter what you have planned on the fourth! ♥♥♥

*i tried a little experiment first, with an offcut of denim and an "extra" bit of a basic grey rub-on. i would heartily recommend this step, since not all rubs are created equal!!! in the case of the bg ones... i've never had one dry out or otherwise go astray, and this was no exception. i did take care to burnish the design realllllly well and pull the covering off slowly, but other than that i took no special precautions!


  1. Lovely card and it's a great challenge!

  2. Secular! I totally get that. And this is a real beauty - that rub-on was MADE for this!

  3. OMG you used real denim?? wow....amazing! I would have never thought of that but its a fabulous idea and makes for a wonderful card...love this!

  4. very cool and using real denim is awesome. It really gives it a nice texture real feel. :)

  5. Lauren, Lauren, Lauren....my dear, how do you ALWAYS create such gorgeousness?? Your creations are works of art and I love coming by to see what you have been up to!! Gorgeous!!


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