Wednesday, July 24, 2013

and with those two words *EVERYTHING* changed!

the two words being "stapled collage" which i read on the week eight prompt list for the ICAD project. of course to say that everything changed is a massive exaggeration, but it makes for an excellent title, dontcha think? and truly, it did feel like a firecracker of inspiration going off inside my head! thus i'm showing these out of order, so i can make my favorite be on top:

048: stapled collage
it's got about 12 layers, mostly vintage, and yes, they are all attached with that one staple! this took an embarrassingly long time to make, most of which was spent figuring out how to position everything so it was spread out enough to be seen, but compact enough to stay on there. 

047: aloha, hibiscus
yes, it's yet another hawaii collage, this one inspired by the gorgeous hibiscus stamp that gina carved for me, which i ♥LOVE♥! she carved the smaller flower, too, and the base is a photo i took on waikiki beach. 

049: namaste collage
aesthetically, this might be my least favorite ICAD of the year, a fact of which i am actually rather proud! see, there was a point at which this looked really beautiful, but it was totally safe and a little dull; so i made myself keep going and "wreck" it. because the most important part of art journaling (for me!) is to emphatically place more emphasis on PROCESS than OUTCOME.

050: disco
surprise! it's another stapled collage! i should probably apologize in advance because i am pretty sure i'll be making waaaay too many of these over the next few weeks.

051: sewn stack of layers
NOT another stacked and stapled collage. no siree bob. this one is SEWN. totally different. totally. :)


  1. I can't use enough words to tell you how much fun are these! Brilliant work there!

  2. Wow! wow!wow! These are A-MA-ZING! The stapled one is just brilliant ... perfect layers ...

  3. great cards this week!! Love the disco one!

  4. Wow! LOVE all of these! Simply amazing! Sooooooooooooo inspiring!

  5. Just look at all that yummy layering. Lots of fabulous projects to look at here..


  6. Thanks Lauren for your kind comment.
    WOW what a fabulous collection of creations!! Sarah

  7. You are officially the queen of the stapled collage ... through in a bit of stitching, and I believe that makes you the queen mother ... awesome collection of designs ... love each one the same (okay, not the same, but you know it's like saying you love all of your kiddos the same).


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