Wednesday, July 3, 2013

even MORE icads...

...including my favorite one of the year so far, can you guess which of these it is??

026: asian collage
possibly the most random collage i've ever made... entirely composed of leftover stuff that was sitting on my desk!

027: frida quote
the orange flower illustration was cut from a magazine ad, and accidentally ripped while i was getting ready to glue it down. so i ripped and wrinkled it more, and stuck it back together with washi tape. serendipity in action, darlings!  

028: abstract new york collage
this is from the day jeff and i went into the city to goof off. it's got part of a high line postcard as its base, a bodhisattva from the rubin museum brochure, and a bunch of random text. oh yeah and some tiny flying fish that have been in my leftovers pile for over a month. because-- weirdly enough-- they just totally WORK in this context, lol!!! :)

029: five last books
this was one of the prompts from the week five list, the typed card slides into the pocket i made from the empty seed packet; the base of the card is a bit of a (already falling apart when i found it!) paperback book cover

030: book quote
i had dymo-ed this quote to use on the ICAD above, but in the end it seemed kind of too big, so i decided to save it and let it be the star of this card, instead! (ps: hey, g: 'member these puppy stickers from thrift usa??!)

031: quilty layers
remember my sos quilt cards from a couple of weeks ago? well, i had a bunch of scraps leftover. they were too small to save but too big to toss, so i glued them randomly to an index card, but then i couldn't decide what else to do, so i put it aside, until the other night when i decided it needed LOTS of rub-ons, a leftover flower, and some twine. yep. that's what it needed, all right! :) :) :)

so have you guessed my favorite? actually, i quite like ALL of these, but if you guessed 028, you are right! i loved that day, i loved the little brochures and things we collected, and i loved coming home and gluing random bits to a card as a keepsake. plus... who doesn't love tiny flyin' fish??! i mean, c'mon!!! :) :) :)

PS: the index card a day project is devised and hosted by miss tammy of the daisy yellow art blog, and EVERYONE is welcome to participate! you don't have to catch up, just start... and have FUN! ♥♥♥


  1. oohh more extraordinarily fabulous goodness! If I had to pick a fave..I would go with the Frida one...but they are all amazing.

  2. Omg, I totally lol'ed at 030. That's funny.

    Those flying fish are awesome....and everything else too!

  3. #30 is my favourite book quote of all time :) These are truly fun & fabulous - I think my favourite motif would also have to be the flying fish :D

  4. They are all amazingly lovely! I figured it was the buddha number 28 or 27. Those are my two favs too. ;) Oh, by the way when you asked on my blog what the digi PL sewn layout is I am using its from Katie Pertiet on designer digitals. They are called pocket pages. The stitching is on them. cool right?

  5. awesome and fabulous! What more can I say?

  6. "All the GOOD Blog Names Are Taken" tickles my funny bone. You're so creative!

  7. Oh my gosh, these are fantstic! I love them can you pick a favorite? I'm not sure I can! I do really love the first one...

  8. Really fab cards, I love them all! your are right, who doesn't love flying fish? Got a giggle from the reading/dog quote too. :)

  9. You make incredible collages. I would never have thought to use twine on my ICs. I guess I'm trying to keep them too flat.

    I live in the middle of the country and have only read about the high line. You are SO lucky to get to walk it. Of course, other than that one, I'm partial to the Asian IC. Again, I love your collages.

  10. Hi your collage ICADs!!! As a dog person, I like the card with the dog quote best! The Oriental one is also great!!!

  11. Your index card projects are always so fun, I love the asian and the new york one, I really stared at tiny bits of details on those, so very cool!!!!


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