Saturday, July 13, 2013

i make a lot of cards avec le tour eiffel...

...which is weird when you consider i've never been to paris! but then, i've always longed to go, so maybe it's not that weird, afterall. whatever the reason, i've made another one, as a slightly abstract version of this week'd travel-inspired challenge #152 at papercraft star:

at the risk of being immodest, i have to tell you that the base collage of this card is one of my all time favorite things i've ever made. i was inspired by a gorgeous layery page of tara anderson's that's part way down this post (it's the one with the tiny bulldog clip at the top left); but, as usual, i went off in my own direction. towards france, apparently, lol! :) i liked it so much i did something i hardly ever do... scanned and saved it to play with digitally. you can, too, if you like; just leave me a link to your own creation!

then hop on over to papercraft star and see the gorgeous dt creations, especially my lovely friend ros' because she has really outdone herself this time. ciao, darlings! ♥


  1. I've always wanted to go to Paris too. More lately. I've watched alot of youtube girls go to Paris (they usually already live somewhere around there in Europe) I want to go~!! I actually have a youtube friend who is polish that lives in Paris. We are snail mail buddies. lol. I can't imagine going to all the stores. The Louvre!! I'd die. Just die. I've heard it takes hours to get into the museum lately. I wonder if that is true. I love your card. Its wonderfully Parries'

  2. Well, you obviously rock the it's only natural that you gravitate towards should do a post with all your ET creations, chronologically, that would be fun to see!

  3. I just have a feeling that one of these days you'll get to Paris!!!

    Love this beautiful card! Outstanding!


  4. Gorgeous! I love this. And so cool that you made a digi version of the is fabulous- snagging it with hopes I can think of something to create that will do it justice!

  5. Wow!! So terrific!! LOVE that Eiffel tower ... Thank you for your lovely words ... I'm blushing ...
    I've never been to France and I have French grandparents! One day I WILL go!
    Thanks so much for playing along at Papercraft Star ... have a beautiful day!

  6. My 5 year old grandson is dying to go to France - he has been talking about it for at least 3 years. What a charming French card, everything is absolutely perfect on it !! We sure enjoyed seeing it this week at Papercraft Star !!

  7. Well someday I would love to travel Europe, including Paris! Lovely card, great idea about scanning it in digitally too! Thanks so much for playing along with us at Papercraft Star.

    Deanne :)

  8. The Eiffel Tower is just one of those gorgeous icons - and omg, no kidding you are excited about that collage! Fabulous!
    I also love Amy's idea of a chronology ;) Hint hint!


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