Saturday, July 20, 2013

more, more, more!

ICADs, that is. some (but not all) utilize the week seven prompt list miss tammy generously provided on the daisy yellow art blog. i've been winging it a lot more this year, though. i find that i have quite a backlog of my own ideas i want to try out; i suspect mostly because during the whole home-buying and moving process i was really only making stuff for specific deadlines and challenges. which is great, but does not (for me) generate playfulness and experimentation in the same way that working in an art journal does. specifically, i am hooked on layered backgrounds made of many different scraps of paper. as addictions go, this one seems pretty innocuous, and i'm making quite a few things i like, so i'm goin' with it! :)

043: ocean
layers of vintage paper (told ya!), a blue spattery trasparency, machine stitching, layers of rub-ons... i like this one even better IRL

044: washi plaid
i accidentally (!) bought a set of 1/8" wide washi tape at michaels last weekend. so i had to try them out. obviously.

045: raindrops
(more!) layers of vintage paper, with a julie balzer stencil on top and an umbrella from the "already cut out" file. niiiiice.

046: geisha collage
geisha transparency (printed a while ago from an older digital kit i cannot find the name of, sorry!) plus lots and lots and lots of rub-ons, on top of... wait for itttttttttttt... layers of vintage paper!

047: bicycle
i cut out these guys before bed one night... the next day, seemingly on their own... they evolved into this completely unplanned collage that totally makes me laugh. i ♥LOVE IT♥ when that happens!!! 

(and right there is what i love most about the ICAD experience!!!!)


  1. Loving them all. I hear ya on the creating only for deadlines front. The itch is just waiting to be scratched at my house. Soon soon soon.

  2. Great cards. Love the bicycle one!

  3. I love the "raindrops" collage most.

  4. oh, that vintage image of the boys on bicycles is sweet! love all of your cards...

  5. You are making good use of your paper addiction. I love the vintage look and the stitching is a wonderful embellishment!

  6. awesome!! especially like the "raindrops"

  7. Wow! These are all so neat! <3!


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