Wednesday, November 21, 2012

you know how sometimes the "whole" of a thing is greater than the sum of its parts?

well, it turns out, the converse can also be true; and this is one of those times. i really ♥LOVE♥ all the parts of this, and yet i'm not crazy about the finished product. interesting, no? having said that, it's not a bad card... see?

(patterned paper: amy tangerine, basic grey, dcwv, best creation; tape: love my tapes; thickers and rub-on letters: american crafts; brad: doodlebug; flower: prima; gem strips (re-colored with copics): recollections; ribbon: michaels; other: bit of a doily; adhesives: staples brand gluetape runner, 3m foam tape, sewing machine)

ok, so obviously, i totally loooooooooove the colors and the funky/kitschy graphic style, and those came from laurel seabrook's inspired by #50, which is downright awesome in anyone's book!

i also love the layout, which came from kimber mcgray's 11.17 saturday card sketch challenge at two peas (btw, you really HAVE TO go and see the card she made for this one, it is stunning!!!)

and of course i am utterly IN LOVE WITH the little cake, which i think is one of the best one's i've ever paper-pieced, mostly because i just literally enlarged the cake in the bottom left of laurel's inspo pic and used it as a pattern! the irony here, if you know me, is that whereas i am kitchen-lazy to the point of resenting the (very small) amount of "time and trouble" it takes to microwave a lean cuisine (you have to stop midway through and STIR it, for pete's sake!) it probably took as long or longer to create and assemble these eensie weensie bits o'paper as it would to bake an actual cake; but i have no problems at all with having spent that time cutting! go figure. :) :) :)

something i'm sure ♥YOU♥ would enjoy spending time on is a bit of a stroll through the galleries for both laurel's challenge and the card sketch, so why not check them out? oh and if you're thinking about cakes and/or christmas now, you might like to link up at JINGLE BELLES this week, as well. ciao, darlings! ♥


  1. I LOVE THIS CARD!! OMG.. So cute!! That cake is a masterpiece. I know what you don't like about it. Its the contrast on the title lettering. I think maybe if the cake letters were white on the inside with a brown outline instead of brown completely with the little stitches of white, it might pop more. Or it could be because it is quite "heavy" on the bottom and that's not how you normally roll. You usually disperse all your loveliness on the card more. I like how it came out. I'm totally in love with that sketch. I went and checked out what she did. very cool.

  2. Seriously...what's not to LOVE about this sweet card? I definitely smell a winner:)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. This is so colorful and cheerful! Well worth all the time it took you! Yeah!

  4. I love it, of course :-)
    Happy Thanksgiving Lauren!

  5. Oh yes, we were separated at birth, you and I. Stirring halfway through cooking? I call bull****! Kids want to eat more than once a day? How is that MY problem? lol And yep, I would cheerfully spend that much time and more on a single card. And how does that happen, anyway, loving every individual element but not the whole? Been there also. Your card, however, I do love the whole of. Especially that CAKE!


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