Sunday, November 18, 2012

ten things i learned or re-learned this week

1. niece madeline and nephew matthew are totally awesome at climbing trees, posing for photos, and playing legos. as i discovered yesterday, while they were babysitting me, so that nana and uncle jeff could get some chores done; best saturday EVER!!! ♥♥♥

2. my husband is the nicest man i know! (and not just because he gave up most of his first day off since before the hurricane to help my mother; though he did, willingly, and without a single complaint. how'd i GET SO LUCKY??!)

3. panera bakery makes a flat-out AMAZING red velvet cookie. this is great news for panera's bottom line; less great for mine!

4. i will apparently never just automatically know the difference between horizontal and vertical without thinking, "the horizon is horizontal"!

5. miss gina soooooooo totally rocks the art journaling; and everything else to which she turns her considerable talents, for that matter.

6. cascade 220 is hard to beat as a basic wool yarn with a fabulous color palette!

7. my all-time favorite pedicurist, a magician in the field of ingrown toenails, who left the salon in which i met her about a year ago, IS STILL LOCAL!!!!!!!!! (if you get ingrown toenails, you will understand why i am so very happy about this!)

8. israel is a beautiful country and my friend liz is a wonderful photographer! (i'm currently making some photo collages for her travel book, which i'll show you later!)

9. the raven is a pretty good suspense film, if you don't mind (or can block out) a few SERIOUSLY gory (but not gratuitous) scenes.

10. the lolcats amuse me every single day.

happy sunday, darlings!


  1. LOL at the cat with ducklings. Too cute. And yeah, I do the Horizon = horizontal and vertebrae = vertical ALL THE TIME. Sigh.

  2. He is indeed a lovely good man, good work LHJ? Also this is the second loving for Cascade220 I have read in 5 minutes. You and Julie over at Little Cotton Rabbits

  3. haha thank you. Yes the Raven was good. I watched that with Lewis a few weeks ago on dvd. I do love myself some John Cusack. LOVE him... I'm glad things are going good! Thank you for all the lovely comments you left me the other day. I always squeal a little when I see ones from you. hehe :) Talk to you soon!

  4. Great hubby you have's the little things that really warms our hearts!
    Super pic of the kiddos in the tree!

  5. Such a fun post as always ... I hope those kiddos looked after you properly! ... And I love that cat photo ... cute as can be!

  6. This post made me smile all over my face :)

  7. Such a fun post....happy thanksgiving!


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