Friday, November 9, 2012

S to the K to the ETCH! :)

christmas sketch, that is; at JINGLE BELLES! we're into our second week of allison fillo's delightful sketch and we just cannot stop making lovely holiday cards! here's a reminder of how FAB the sketch actually is:

and now here's my card:

(patterned paper and ribbon: my mind's eye; snowflake and brads: basic grey; "joy" and pinwheel" crate paper; adhesive: staples brand gluetape runner, 3m foam tape)

if ever, in the entire history of papercrafting, there was a card which illustrates the BRILLIANCE of using a really awesome sketch to streamline one's process, let me assure you: this is it!!! because with one thing and another (the power was still off at that point + the midweek snowstorm was forecast to be worse than it [thankfully] turned out to be!) this week was just not super-conducive to creativity at my house. i actually thought this might be the first time in two years i would have to say, "sorry you guys, i don't have a JB card this week, but stef's is AMAZING, go see it!" but i grabbed up some xmas stuff anyway, on wednesday morning, and took it with me to my mom's house, in hopes i would have a tiny bit of extra time and a brainstorm and guess what??! didn't even need the brainstorm because miss allison had done that bit for me, i just grabbed things that were the right shapes and BOOM! gotta love that right?!

so having proved to you how EASY it'll be to make a card with us at JINGLE BELLES this week, i'm going to shut up now because i'm pretty sure i know what you wanna do now! ciao, darlings! :)

ps: i'm linking up with patrice at 52-card-pick-up, won't you join me?! :)

pss: i'm typing this update on my DESKTOP COMPUTER with the LIGHT ON, drinking coffee from the ELECTRIC COFFEEMAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry, if you've had power all week, none of that seems at all interesting, but if you are ME or my neighbors... you are doing a little happy dance about ALL of those things!!!!!) ♥♥♥


  1. You my dear are a rockstar...I keep thinking of you as a McGyver of papercrafting. I cannot believe you guys still don't have POWER...oy!

  2. Wow! This is a real beauty! I would love to be able to sit and go through all your cards that you've made....what a joy that we be!

  3. That snowflake is spectacular, Lauren!

  4. Your card is pretty, pretty my friend.


  5. Yep, spectacular!!!!!
    Hope you are staying warm!!!!

  6. Electricity rocks and so does your card!

  7. WOOT! Especially for easily brewed coffee. I'm drinking some myself and I appreciate it greatly :)
    Love the rosette at the centre of that stunning snowflake!!

  8. YAY for the return of power. Quick - did I miss the cut-off for the sketch? I was busy making pretty trash in there. ;/

  9. I had no doubt that you would make a card even if you had no electricity, no food, and only a needle thread, paper and glue. Very nice. I love the card. :)


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