Tuesday, November 27, 2012

do you have "odds and ends" which are laying in wait??!

if so, this week at shopping our stash is the perfect opportunity to use those babies!!!

Challenge 79 : Odds and Ends 
use two different types of embellishments-- odds and ends in your stash; for example the lone white pearl and a scrap of ribbon, or two red buttons and one green pearl, or scrap of twine and a button, or the left one over brad from the package with a sticker from an old card kit.
any amount/combo is fine as long as two different types are included; and be sure to tell us what your "odds and ends" are, you know we love to hear triumphant stash-using stories!!!

i have LOTS of odds and ends, especially odds, lol! so i used a bunch of different ones on my card:

i don't know about you, but i still have about a gazzillion half-packets of epoxy stickers, and i sort of forget about them, so this seemed like a great time to break them out and really make a feature of 'em by using them to create a frame. there are examples of at least 10 different sets here. seriously. and i've still got enough left for a couple more frame-style cards, as well!

what i framed was my SECOND "odds and ends" element, which is a sentiment made from a bunch of different leftover alphabet stickers (2 sets) and rub-ons (3 sets); again, there are plenty more where these came from, so i'm seriously grateful that SOS runs every single week!!! :)

last week's deconstructed sketch (#78) provided my starting point for the layout, but it really got a bit lost in the shuffle; i'll show it anyway, though, because it's rather fab, and i'm sure i'll use it again!

if, by any chance, you're fresh out of "odds and ends" don't worry-- you can always fall back on "bits and bobs"; or even, in a pinch, break out a little "this-n-that"! whichever you choose, c'mon over to shopping our stash and check out the magnificent DT creations, then link up your own! ♥


  1. awesome use of the odds and ends.....makes for a very fun card!

  2. Love this. So happy and upbeat!

  3. Lauren - WOW!!! How do you manage to make things we used so long ago look fresh and amazing?? This is great!! And you used so many odds and ends! You go girl!!

  4. I love this. You always end up knocking it out of the park- and this card is fabulous! Love it!

  5. What a fantastic card you've created from your odds. Actually girl, they're not odd, but are quite perfect. Great job, Lauren!

  6. Now that's brilliant, lauren! those little crazy words are the ones I always end up with (daredevil) but when you pop them all together with other crazy shapes & colours it totally works! Now to find what I *did* with those...not only do I love shopping my stash, I love being reminded that some of this stuff is even in there! lol

  7. Fun, colourful and unique ... Super card as always ... have a fun filled day!

  8. Once again you have over-achieved! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! And if this is my second comment, (1) I'm sick and delusional, and (2) you deserve it!

  9. I love this one!! It kind of reminds me of Elsie F's style back in the day, but then redone into a more current look. Awesome. I want to make one when I see this card.


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