Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On the plus side our electric bill should be quite low this month!

i'm pretty sure our carbon footprint is impressively small, as well! by which i mean: "hello and welcome to day ten of my little house on the new jersey prairie chronicles!" 

 JCP+L crews are hard at work in our area!

so yeah: still no juice over here. which is a bit of a disappointment, frankly. one of the predictions we'd heard for power restoration was midnight sunday... we waited... but, alas, no cinderella-like electric story occurred! the other thing which worries me in that scenario is that it impugns a particularly reliable source: i mean, if one cannot trust the gossip at the liquor store WHAT is the world coming to??!!!?!?!! :)

in the meantime, we are experimenting with "green" energy sources!

the next forecast (from JCPL) was for either yesterday or today; so cross your fingers, darlings, k?! because also at the liquor store someone said-- jokingly, i thought at the time, "THANKSGIVING"!!!!! i'm no longer laughing all that hard 'bout that one, particularly since it seems like it might actually snow today. yikes.

there is always someone a little worse off than ourselves, right?!

i should mention that lovely husband jeff and i have been invited by several friends and family members to come and STAY with them until our electric returns; the problem being, such a move would add more than an additional half hour to jeff's already hour+ commute; and since his company is "all hands on deck" at the moment in trying to get back online after the storm, as well, he's on 12 to 14 hour days already. of course, none of this lessens in any way how GRATEFUL we are to be surrounded-- both in real life, and virtually-- with so many helpful, kind, and caring people!

something i forgot to mention the other day in my "stuff makin' life bearable" post is our little coffee drippy thing! someone gave this to LHJ a couple of yrs ago, and at the time, i confess that its usefulness eluded me; but as it turns out one can use this baby to make a REAL CUP OF COFFEE just by boiling one's kettle!!! I think my fellow caffeine-o-philes will agree, this is a wondrous thing indeed. we will gloss over the issue of powdered milk here. particularly as they seem to have stopped making "creamora" a few years ago, and whilst it wasn't a patch on real milk, either, it did have a certain ersatz charm all it's own.

here's hoping this will be my VERY LAST POST as an "orphan of the storm"; either that, or can someone hook me up with a job in the amish sector? pretty sure i now have the polished skill set they are looking for, lol!!!

ciao darlings, and do leave a light on for me, won't you! :)


  1. big time crossing my fingers that this will be your last juice-less post.


    fellow caffeine-o-phile

  2. Today has to be the day. That is such a long time! Do you have water yet? I don't envy you guys at all (except for your knitting skills of course). Here's to a day that might end in light!

  3. Hey I have one of those coffee drippy things. I use it when we camp. They work pretty good.

    So sorry about the power thing. I do hope you will get power soon.


  4. Oh! I have been thinkng about you so hard since "that woman" came on the scene. Glad to hear you made it through relatively ok and that you are getting into the Little House on the prairie lifestyle.

  5. Thank goodness you are plugged back in and all is well. I got behind on your blog again! pfft! :( Catching up now!


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