Sunday, January 1, 2012

Мы долго смеялись!

no, you have not had a small stroke, and no, i have not become fluent in russian. recently one of my lovely blogging friends left that phrase as a comment for me on a "loldog" post, and using the awesome "google translate" app on my iphone i was able to instantly discover that it means "we laughed for a long time!" without even leaving my bed! :)

all of which-- plus the fact that we're starting another brand new year-- made me think, for about the gazillionth time, not only how happy i am to be living now, with all of this wonderful technology; (yes, i'm overly dependent on it; and yes, i whine as loudly as anyone when it's not working!) but also... i'm glad to be in what i cannot help but feel is the most privileged age group of all: those of us currently in our forties are young enough to feel pretty comfortable keeping up with the new stuff, but are simultaneously old enough to have experienced childhood and teenage years without it. because i'm just not sure it's humanly possible for anyone who did not grow up with five television channels, expensive "birthdays & holidays only" long-distance phone service (on a rotary dial telephone!), or having to *TYPE* their term papers, to be excited in the same way about cable, cellphones, and computers.

then, add to all that, the fact that it's possible to use this technology to meet people from all over the world who share our hobbies, interests, and sense of humor??!?! geez, we're LUCKY! and now, let's celebrate with a few computery lolcats, k?! :)

Мы долго смеялись


  1. Awesome post!!!! And Happy New year my friend, we just finished watching the New year ball drop in times square, that makes me cry, I miss NYC!!! just a few more weeks my friend, Fi Fi is flying....... to NYC!!! Grom, here I come!!!

  2. AMEN!!! FAB post!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  3. great post Lauren I so know what you are talkung about. happy New year!! from the other side of the Atlantic ocean . hugs

  4. great post Lauren I so know what you are talkung about. happy New year!! from the other side of the Atlantic ocean . hugs

  5. Happy New Year Lauren, you always make me smile, Jo x

  6. I totally agree about us being the good age for the technology age switch. I remember typing my term papers for my college class on a word processor (which I luckily got from my parents before I started school) It was a glorfied typewriter with a screen. But at the time it was the bombdiggy. I remember having to use the library system dewey decimal system to find books on research you needed for term papers. Oh that was fun. Now the librarians don't even check out your books. You do it yourself on one of those machines. haha I also had a rotary phone in our kitchen growing up. It was an olive 1970's green and I have to admit I'd put that bad boy up on the wall if I could right now.

    I actually just bought a childhood toy I had from Etsy that I found for an amazing price that was one of my fav toys when I was young. I of course no longer have mine, but soon I'll have one just like it. hehe

    Etsy's where I found your vintage Night before Christmas book.

    I hope you are having a good New Years day!

  7. Like watching a child try and comprehend just what you mean when you say 'No you can't see the photo I have just taken bc I have to get the film processed.'

    Welcome to 2012 Missus

  8. EXCELLENT post my dear...I think my kids are horrified that I grew up without AC in our family car...they think the crank windows are cool {ugh}..I prefer electric.

    Happy happy new year!!!

  9. So enjoyed your post! Hope you and you family have a Happy New Year full of creativity!

  10. Happy New Year!! love your post ... love those cats .. Love having buddies like you ...

  11. HAAHAHA! I almost DID have a small stroke! And yes, I agree with you, even if I am, um ... maybe OLDER than 40-something. I'm just a little whinier than you kids are. :D

    I do SO love that we have virtual friends all over the world, and that we are even lucky enough to sometimes meet them IN THE FLESH! Fully clothed, mind you, but FOR REAL all the same! It truly is an amazing time for us.

    My only "na na na na naaa naaa" moments come when people have no power, yet I can still READ A BOOK and TALK ON MY PHONE, neither of which require electricity. :)

    Have a good year, Missy! xo

  12. Great post Lauren. Happy 2012 :-)))


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