Thursday, January 5, 2012

my furniture smells like a locker-room full of freshly showered 5th grade girls... circa 1974*...

before we get rolling, i should mention that enjoyment of this post most likely depends on your being around my age, (late 40's) female and american. or at least... you need to remember "love's baby soft" perfume.  which probably puts you into at least one of the categories i mentioned. if you can't (or, quite understandably, would prefer not to) recall that half powdery, half musky, utterly cloying scent without which no self-respecting, teen-magazine-reading, granny-square-vest-wearing ten year old would have considered herself well groomed in the mid 1970's, you should probably just chuckle at the lol directly below this paragraph and get on with your day. ciao, darlings! ♥

ok, so to those of you still here, who DO remember love's baby soft, i pose this question: do ALL febreze products smell like that? and if so, how in the world can they be soooooo flippin' popular??! here's why i ask: i recently purchased a packet of swiffer duster refills, failing to notice the small purple "febreze" logo on the front. the second i opened them, i knew i had not bought the correct product. the box says they are imbued with... and i quote... "lavender vanilla comfort". now, i *like* lavender. i have no quibble with vanilla, either. but these do not smell like either of those worthy scents. they smell like a david cassidy fan club reunion!!! don't get me wrong, i realize there are certainly FAR WORSE aromas in the world. for that matter, it's quite possible that absolutely everyone apart from me loves these things; in which case they are welcome to my share. i, for one, shall be scrutinizing duster-packets much more thoroughly in future. in the meantime, on the plus-side, it makes me want to dust my house a lot more often, just to get rid of them!!!  :) :) :)

*one of my favorite things about my darling gina's blog is that she often uses just a random thought or observation as her blog post title.  sometimes it will, in fact, lead into the topic of her post, but often there is no further reference to it whatever.  i love that.  not only does it completely draw me *IN*, but it solves--very creatively-- what is often my biggest challenge in blogging: thinking up a cool title. of course, this is only one of the many, many, reasons you should be reading tyggereye art love on a regular basis... i'm just sayin'... it's a perk!  :)


  1. LOL...I was smiling through the entire post and then chuckled at the end because your blog post title totally reminded me of Gina....

    Although I never bought the stuff, yes, I do remember it:)

  2. Amen, Sista! I had to fire a lady that used to help me clean a couple of years ago...after she left my house always smelled funky. I thought it was just her bad perfume hanging on for dear life even hours after she'd gone. (Because of J&K I switched to all unscented and more natural cleaners years ago.) One day I found a bottle of Febreze hidden behind my sofa. I never had her come back after that. YUCK!

    Okay, so I completely forgot all about Love's Baby Soft perfume that I had a ton of back in the day :) I wonder what that stuff smells like; I sure loved it back then. Yikes!

  3. Gotta love this post!! Definitely chuckling to myself!! Oh do I ever remember Love's Baby Soft...always preferred Jean Nate myself.

  4. okay first i was a Love's Lemon scent fan. That was prior to converting for life to Estee Lauder Super Cologne (and for extra special occasions L'interdit by Givenchy... but digress) the LEMON version was wonderful..
    and I love Febreeze Linen & Sky.. i'm just sayin. you need to go to your local grocery store, to the cleaning product aisle and give the Linen & Sky a sniff..... it's wonderful...

  5. haha I knew from your title it was like what I do. hehe I like it! For Febreeze though I agree with you. I'd rather just soak my sofas in lyseol. As for the loves baby soft stuff I remember having a roll on of it? Deodorant scented maybe?? I was kinda young. I don't remember exactly what it smelled like. I remember it though. Love the lolzdog cartoon. Cute@!

  6. Are you using sofa caster cups? Just wanted to know if this worth buying.

  7. sawasdee ka

    i come to visit you blog naka



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