Sunday, January 29, 2012

go wild on your birthday!

one of the things i tried to do with my pixie kits last year is prove how very flexible they actually are by making a cool "guy card" each month. i think that's a goal well worth continuing in the new year--plus it just so happens i know a lot of fellas who were born in january, lol--thus here is my entry for the LOVE NOTES kit:

the monsta image-- which i've paper-pieced using prints from the kit-- is from a (sadly out of print) set of digi-stamps by jesse edwards called "monstrous". there are more photos on the pixie blog, and details about all the cool stuff in the kit, like the awesome pink paislee wooden alphabet, and the fabulous crate paper "random" chipboard elements i've used, to name just two. GO WILD... and check it out! ♥


  1. Wild and wooly, Lauren... and soooo cute! Love the twine "frame" and those fabulous wooden letters... all add up to a great man card!

  2. Just as CUTE and as FUN as can be!!! LOVE it!

  3. gotta love your fun monsta cards!!!!!

  4. Definitely the friendliest monster ever :-)


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