Thursday, January 26, 2012

(non-crafty) things i've been doing...

celebrating the year of the dragon especially heartily, since i happen to have been born in 1964!

reading thirty three teeth by colin cotterill, a sequel to his brilliant first mystery set in 1970's laos, which i highly recommend; though it's absolutely vital to have read the coroner's lunch first, or you will be completely lost in this story!

paying, very happily indeed, the sum of $78 to my local subaru dealer in exchange for the information that the sudden weird-n-scary burning smell coming from my car was merely a piece of plastic that had somehow got stuck to --and melted on-- my muffler.

no, i didn't make this, i found it on a fun blog called geeky girls love sci-fi!

watching daniel craig: adorable, tanned and totally sexy in chaps. what? that wasn't the name of the film? really?? funny, 'cause that's what i remember about it!!!  :)

listening to blonde, joyce carol oates' novel about marilyn monroe, and enjoying it much more than anticipated thanks to the killer combination of oates' lyrical prose and reader jayne atkinson's astonishing performance.

not as tasty as daniel craig, but quite pleasant at lunch time!

opining that lean cuisine thai peanut noodles are infinitely tastier than similar weight watchers ones, or even (rather puzzlingly) than lc's own chicken in peanut sauce, for that matter!

dreading the end of adrian praetzellis' totally enchanting performance of kenneth grahame's the wind in the willows (librivox, version 3) which i've been listening to at bedtime via the free audiobooks app for iphone. how will i ever fall asleep again without the adventures of ratty, mole, and the amazing mister toad??!?!


  1. Poop! Poop! You'll always have me.

  2. Wasn't that the name of the film? Everytime I see him I think of you. lol. I saw recently that Daniel did an interview where he talked trash about the Kardashians and how they act like fools on tv for money. hehe I love him. Its not cool to talk trash, but when you're spitting the truth in a cute British accent well... :)

  3. Yes to Blondie, yes to Daniel Craig.

  4. Woohoo this could have been my day (but minet went by quite differently; I spent the day at the office/work!)
    And there is nothing wrong watching Daniel Craig; you lucky girl:)

    (I was born 1964 too haha!)

  5. You are a baby! :)

    I once drove over a feral plastic bag in the Miata, which being a mere 3" higher than the roadway resulted in said plastic bag melting over the entire muffler. Oh, the stink! Actually, it was one of those mulch bags - nice and THICK! The Dealer said it was good and stuck. It reeked for weeks. P U

  6. PS: Looking at those books now. I need new mysteries in my reading world. Thanks!


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