Wednesday, January 25, 2012

happy birthday girl frame

i know everyone thinks the special kids in their life are the cutest in the world, but SOMEBODY has to be right, and i'm pretty sure it's me! need some evidence? ok, here ya go, empirically... how cute is this face??!?!?

yepper, it's miss isabel, daughter of my best friend, trish. which doesn't make me biased, necessarily! if anything, it proves i have great taste, and thus my opinion is all the more to be trusted!  :) :) :)

i should probably mention that this is an older--and favorite--photo. the young lady in question will be turning three (3!!!) in a couple of months, at which time i shall bestow this frame and hopefully acquire a photo taken on THAT birthday to show how grown up she is now! i should also mention that every single bit of paper-crafty goodness used to make this project came from the pixie dust paperie LOVE NOTES kit, and that you can find additional photos and information on the pixie blog--check it out!


  1. Such a fan project!!!! Cute pic! Great keepsake!

  2. That is adorable. I love all the layers and that cupcake. She is a cutie pie. Waht a great pic and framed piece. :)


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