Monday, January 23, 2012

"sparkle" gift box

fancy little gift boxes-- i ♥ 'em!  i don't especially heart the price of the ones in the shops, however. especially when i know i can grab a plain papier mache star at michaels for a dollar, and use a bunch of fabulous pixie stuff--like, perhaps, january's fabulous LOVE NOTES kit--and do this...

...and then ALSO make half a dozen addition projects AND STILL have leftovers! plus, i just happen to love *making* fancy little gift boxes, ok? :) you can see more photos of this one, and read a little bit about the process, on the pixie blog. enjoy, darlings! 


  1. Love how you see the world dear ... and turn the plain into the extraordinary ... enjoy the week.

  2. You?? You love to make decorative boxes for gifts?? What?? That is so surprising. hehe I love it. The ribbon around it is GORGEOUS. This could have been a blue project for SOS too. Its so lovely. It makes me want to go buy one or a dozen of those boxes too!!

  3. It looks magical and fairy tale like :-)


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