Saturday, January 14, 2012

"100 hearts" valentines minibook

i know i've said this before but it's totally TRUE:  there are lots and lots of reallllly cool things you can do besides make valentines using january's pixie dust paperie LOVE NOTES kit, but if you want, or need, make some love-themed projects, boy oh boy is this ever the right set of stuff for you to be getting on with! here's a minibook i've created, using those luscious items:

there are lots more photos and plenty of product details on the pixie blog today, i'd love for you to check it out!!!  

as many of you know, i'm pretty partial to valentinian papercrafts, myself, since my niece riley elizabeth happens to have been born on february 14th! what you may not realize--and i find it pretty hard to believe, actually--is that she will be TEN YEARS OLD exactly one month from today!!!!!  how is that even possible??! i swear it has only been TEN MINUTES since LHJ and i were at the hospital, excited to be the aunt and uncle of this little widget:

and now here she is--with little sis lindsay marie on christmas day--in her capacity as an international hat model:

so of course the only thing i wonder now is, HOW DID AN ENTIRE DECADE FLY BY SO QUICKLY??!?!?!??! don't worry, it's a rhetorical question, i realize everyone with children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews feels exactly the same way. and there is no point in even TRYING to get used to ANY change, because by the time we do, the kidlets in question have grown again, and are on to the next phase, leaving us even more perplexed. best to just sit back and enjoy the ride!

love you, miss riley! 
i hope your next ten years will be as wonderful, fun, giggly, happy and healthy as these have been.  
just maybe... could they possibly go by a liiiiiiittttttttle slower?  


  1. What a great card/book/memory keeper for her. I love it. You sure are getting your use out of your BIA. This is awesome. That kit really is vertile and alot of stuff in it to use.

  2. awwwww....I love your mini's absolutely SWEET and how cute is your niece?!!!!

  3. What a darling mini book and darling pics! Yep...these darlings need to slow down time a little don't they.

  4. Yes!! Cosmo cricket digi kits on Jessica Sprague's site. They have sales off and on.

  5. Awww....PRECIOUS!!!! Happy birthday to Princess Riley!!!

  6. The years to fly by, don't they? Your book is beautiful. I just started cutting into my MME Love Me papers too. So pretty :)


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