Tuesday, May 11, 2010

meet george and martha



ok sorry.

and yes, i am out of hand with the googley eyes on foodstuffs.

(but i still find this joke...and photo...HILARIOUS!)


a few updates:

  • yes, madeline *LOVED* her birthday present!
  • yes, my mom did actually get a bit misty when she saw the photo of the two of us on her gift bag...and then called me back sunday night to thank me again.
  • lovely husband jeff is still home from work, battling his vertigo issues, but the medication is helping and the diagnosis of this being the residue of a serious ear infection from earlier in the year (as opposed to something new, big, and scary!) is looking more and more likely!
  • i had a little medical...or rather dental...adventure of my own yesterday: what started as a minor toothache on saturday became a major toothache on sunday and by monday morning i was in the most pain i have EVER been in! turns out i had a serious abscess under one of my crowns and needed an emergency root canal. ...did i mention i am BIGTIME dental phobic...??!?!???! yeah. not a fun day, but i have to say that i was SERIOUSLY fortunate in being able to get first an emergency appointment with my own wonderful dentist, who got me sneaked in right away at his preferred endodontist, who could not have been nicer, kinder, or more considerate!!! so all in all i feel like a pretty lucky--albeit sore in the jaw area--bunny. couldja pass the floss, please??!?! :)


  1. I'm glad your mom loved her present so much. I hope Jeff feels better soon. AND you too! Poor thing! I hate the dentist. I've been lucky to never have a cavity because I think god is sparing me from a HUGE anxiety attack where I would be hospitalized because I am a wuss. My grandmother never had a cavity till she was 40 so *fingers crossed* I can beat her record. lol

    Feel better soon!

  2. ~♥~ Poor you,but then again well done!! Hopefully Jeff feels better soon. Big hugs to you both.

  3. from one dental phobic to another...I literally am so sorry for your pain...so NOT fun! HUGS!
    Glad to hear you dh is getting better, although sorry to hear he is still not completely back to par yet. As far as your family ADORING the presents you sent...I totally KNEW it! As far as the Squashingtons...oh myyyyyyyy how cute!! Vegies with googly eyes just make me SMILE!!!

  4. Squashington?!! You are so weird...in a way that I find completely awesome!

    Root canal...*cringe* you poor, poor thing! I can't stand going to the dentist. I mean, he's a nice enough guy and all, but noooooooooo.

    Hope LHJ is back to his old self soon. Glad it's not something new, big and scary!

    (-: Heidi

  5. Ha Ha.....Fabulous!!!!
    Hey Miss Lauren since your foreign to me I canunderstand why you havent heard of `Glamour dust `
    actually it`s very very very fine irriedescent glitter...(I know my spelling is appauling)?????

    I must wave that fairy wave that magic wand and `sprinkle some your way`!!!!!!You get me darling!!!!!:)xxx

    Hey glad your Mamma loved her gift!!!!

    oooohhhh hope your other half feels better soon.....
    and hope your tooth ache is better soon too!!!!!!grr darn that toothache....
    Have a fab week:)xxx

  6. oh, goomie. tooth pain is NOT good. rather unbearable. SO sorry to hear you had to endure it for a couple of days, but what a relief to have a lovely dental person help you with the problem! antibiotics now, yes?

    of COURSE everyone loved their gifts - you're brilliant and gave them lovely things! still love that photo!

    and say hi to hubbin for me, and tell him to GET WELL SOON, dagnabbit. although he does seem like the kinda guy who'd be okay to have around the house, and who wouldn't annoy while you're craftin'. :)

  7. YIKES! What an awful day! Here's hoping you're up to drinking margaritas soon (and Jeff too, as long as he doesn't fall down when dizzy!).

  8. Crumbs! This is what happens when I don't look in for a few days - the world falls apart! poor LHJ and poor, poor you. Hope you are better soon.

  9. thanks for the squash pic smile, and hope you both are feeling well soon!!

  10. love da fun squash photo!! thanks for brightening up my day, girl! hope both you and your husband feel better soon! sending you hugs!!

  11. Hope Jeff get well soon. How horrible for him. Glad that your art was appreciated. The squashingtons made me giggle. Okay laugh out LOUD. And was the cause for inquiry. In the office. Oops.
    Hope your jaw gets unsore quickly too.

  12. Yea for mom! It is wonderful when your art is so appreciated.

    So sorry LHJ is still dealing with this. It is enough to make him (& you) go crazy, isn't it?

    Yikes! That is quite a dental adventure. I just had a root canal done in February. The pain afterwards was a welcome relief to the pain prior. I hope you are having a similar positive experience with your recovery!


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