Wednesday, May 5, 2010

heart the art--week 16 (ephemera)

can you even *BELIEVE* it is may already?! nope, nor can i. on the plus side, it means i made it an entire third of the way through our HEART the ART year before falling more than a week behind--go, me! :) however, being as gina's prompts are so clever, and it is so much fun to make my pages, i know that i will be able to finish a couple of weeks outstanding and still get in there on saturday for a fresh new batch of inspiration at tyggereye art! but first, week #16...EPHEMERA:

this was the prompt from the saturday i went to new york, so it only seemed right to combine a bunch of my leftover travel "bits" and make a page about the trip. ok, it turns out i had quite a few elements i wanted to work in, so i cheated a bit and made not one but TWO overlays using scraps of an inkjet transparency, and came up with this three-layer, over-stuffed, over-loaded, mega-collage which REALLY sums up new york to me!!! :)

the first level has a doodle & a few glitzy stickers for a title...level two has images from magazines, a little bit of vintage travel guide, and things cut or punched from brochures we collected in the city--including a bit of napkin from my favorite gelato place! level three is a postcard from the top of the rock observation platform; i love that it just happens to have the same light we saw the night we went's just getting dark, but the sky is still kind of blue...what a pretty backdrop by which to see the lights of the city!

i had intended to gesso or paper over the reverse side of the transparency pages at the end, but when i went to do that, i found that i actually quite *liked* the completely random collection of text and images that were on the back of the things i cut i just left them showing!

i have two more pages i am hoping to complete and show, but my main occupation this week is finishing niece madeline's sixth birthday present in time for her party on sunday--wish me luck!


  1. I can't believe it is May either! Maddie has another birthday already? I love the gifts you make for her and your other nieces & nephew.

    Congrats on completing your NY book and staying caught up on Gina's wonderful prompts.

    BTW, how is LHJ???

  2. Nice job! Every time I try to make a collage I look like a kidnapper.


  3. This is so awesome!! I love it. I want you to design all my mini travel books from now on!! I love the skyline with the writing above. Gorgeous!

    ryn; the paper piecings would probably sell, but I did them more for my benefit and not others back then and well... they are bit confusing for someone to figure out how to put them together with out me writing out instructions. I'm not sure I'm into that at the moment. Maybe in the future though. It is a genius idea. And something else I can make money on which is always a benefit in my mind. Art supplies aren't cheap! haha

    I havent' got to working on our art o'matic swap yet, but soon hopefully. My mind is so into this dang new digital kit I'd like to make its not even funny. You'll see it soon hopefully. haha (soon as like in the next month sometime.)

    talk to you soon !

  4. Well, I've just spent half an hour so so soaking up all the things I've missed on your blog lately. Wow missus, have I told you lately how amazing you are?! Thanks for all the inspiration!

    (-: Heidi

  5. Oh yeah! and the april font that you NEED to get is from Digi chicks its quirky twirp desgins on there called Industrial revolution here's a pic. of what I got on there I love and the link is

  6. Love how you combined all of those bits and bobs into a fabulous collage of our NYC experience ... and love how your wrote on the night sky ... fabulous, absolutely fabulous.

  7. This is great, I love the images and text on the back of the transparency as well - it has an arty, NYC vibe about it.

    May already - you said it, sister, I don't know where the first five months have gone...

    I am so behind on these challenges, I'm going to catch up, eventually. lol, for now I shall live vicariously through your work (and Jana's).

  8. i LOVE this! super fun project!

  9. WOW.. Love you mini travel book. Great idea, so thankyou again for beeing my big inspirator.


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