Thursday, May 20, 2010

heart the art: week 19 (basis)

i really like what gina did for last week's HEART the ART prompt (#19)--but hang on and i will let her explain:

"In life there always seems to be an underlining structure to things. Plans and projects start with a base idea. Our structure starts with our bones. Houses start with the blueprint plans or next from the actual inside frame. What it bowls down to is that I wanted to make a page about the foundation of something currently in my life. The basis of a concept or idea that might not otherwise get documented and put out there. This week's heart the art prompt is... The basis of a concept/idea/plan/feelings(something)..."

i love this idea, and i really had to THINK hard about what i wanted to say. one of the underlying structures of my life and behavior is the golden rule. i try to recommit myself every day to the concept of treating people the way i would like to be treated; and (some days, more importantly!) NOT treating people in ways i would NOT want to be treated. even if they aren't offering me similar consideration. (this is crucial: you can't expect or demand reciprocality!)

of course i fail at this every single day! but then the next day i wake up and start over. ok, ok, occasionally i get discouraged and skip a day...but then THE DAY AFTER that, i wake up and start over! for such a simple and moral and ethical idea--a version of which has been found in the philosophies of almost every civilized culture and every major religion--it sure can be *DIFFICULT* to carry out!!! what's up with that??!?!?

(staples cardstock; prima patterned paper; (un-seeable) scraps of vintage text papers--sheet music, dictionary entries, foreign text, business forms, etc; heidi swapp & michaels alphabet stamps; pattern stamps: tim holtz, cherry arte, stampin up; inks: stewart superior india ink pad, ranger distress inks, colorbox chalk inks, tombow markers; rub-ons: basic grey; rhinestone heart: michaels; other: staples)

this looks like a really simple, flat, inky quick page, doesn't it??!! HA! much like its subject matter, it was A LOT more complicated than you would think! i used this very cool method (that stef found!) for making a background: i collaged scraps of lots of vintage text papers. then i gessoed. or rather, then i OVER-gessoed to the point where i obscured most of my text collage! (luckily, i saved the nun--i am very pleased about that!) then i inked & misted & background-stamped. then i hand-stamped the text. then i inked & misted & foreground-stamped. then i added some white rub-ons. and yet, it looks like a really simple, flat, inky, quick page!!! but it was all good *FUN*...which is the really important thing. and somehow, i think it kind of works for this! ♥♥♥


  1. I love this! Okay, it's WAY too fussy for ME to ever try, but you had fun with it, and it looks FABOO!

    And I totally agree. I mostly live my life this way, but I never thought about the golden rule being behind it. So FABOO and THANKS!

  2. ahhhhh yes, wise grasshopper:) It's true, I love your golden rule....and your page....very coolio....

    It is about karma...what goes around, comes the talk, walk the walk....

    Happy Thursday girlie...p.s. I gotta go bookmark that website you told me about with the specials:) Thanks very much for the scoop' rock:)

  3. Such a fabulous quote...such a fabulous project! Coming to your blog always brightens my day! *People like you make the RULE so much easier to follow...your sweet, positive attitude is infectious*

  4. That is so cool!! I love this. I too try to practice the golden rule and fail at times too. Great page!! You are almost caught up.

  5. I love what you did ( as always) but now you can't poo-poo utopias
    : )

  6. This looks a-mazing Lauren, and was totally worth all that effort! Jo x

  7. ♥♥ Love all the work you've done with the background here Lauren ♥♥ And your handstamped text is your signature..FABIOULUS!!! Lots of hugs to you and wishing you a wonderfull weekend...

  8. So beautiful Lauren, both in appearance and meaning! I love the use of that crackle stamp!

    The golden rule is definitely a concept that I feel is absolutely crucial to instill in ourselves and esp. our children. It's important to at least TRY to follow it anyway :-)

    (-: Heidi

  9. I love this missy! The golden rule is quite powerful - wish more people remembered it! (ESPECIALLY while driving!)
    I ran across something that really resonated with me recently (in a *romance* book of all things!).
    "We will have no wasted or excess love left over when we go. We will spend every drop."
    It hit me, as these things sometimes do, right in the heart. Right then I decided that *I* will have no wasted or excess LOVE left over when I go. I *WILL* spend every single drop.

    Plus, you know I love it when you get inky! ;)


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