Monday, May 24, 2010

heart the art: weeks 20 & 21

i realized last night when i was finishing these babies up and putting them into my book that although i've completed and posted all but these two HEART the ART pages, i have not uploaded to--or visited-- the HTA flickr gallery in weeks! yikes! (if you haven't checked it out, it's well worth the trip!) ok, so it's a two-fer today on pages:

week #20--HOLD BACK:
throughout my entire life, 90% of the times i've been in trouble, it's been because of my mouth! one of my worst faults in this realm is to lose my temper and speak without thinking. it doesn't happen all that often, but when it does, the results are just never, EVER positive. i am working on it. :)

week #21: UP 'TIL NOW:
the vertigo/dizziness situation regarding lovely husband jeff is ongoing. he actually has *TWO* significant doctor appointments this week. there is a possibility that we may be closing in on the cause of his dizziness, and--here's the tricky part--if they are right, it would be a FIXABLE thing! we're trying not to get TOO excited, because we've actually had a few false starts at this which turned out to be who knows! but if anyone finds themselves with some free time on wednesday morning or friday afternoon and wants to send a few positive vibes in LHJ's direction, we will sure appreciate it! it would be SO COOL if there was a light--one that's NOT attached to a TRAIN--at the end of this tunnel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

ok, well, not that i was stressing about lagging slightly behind the last few weeks, but it always feels good to be caught up at *SOMETHING* doesn't it?! ...and how especially cool to enjoy that sensation on a MONDAY MORNING, eh??!!! :)

(materials #20--charcoal illustration from art art book; flaming letters hand cut from a magazine; uniball pen; sewing machine. materials #21--brainscan photos cut from national geographic; notebook paper cut to the shape of a k&co label, matted on a scrap of glossy cardstock from an advertisement; doodlebug letters colored & outlined with copics)


  1. Man you know I am passing the word to all the angels, gods and demi-gods I can think of. No trains, just clear end-of-tunnel light waiting for you.

  2. So wishing and praying for you and your hubby that you find the answer to his vertigo and it is indeed fixable. I so admire your beautiful artwork!

  3. Ah yes, I just caught up on my mother's day cards. I made 3 "thinking of you" cards on Saturday and rushed to the post office. I arrived there at 1:55pm (close at 2pm on Saturday). Whew...hopefully they will forgive me; I have never been late for holidays before now.

    I even got a small set of teacher thank you cards made up, father's day :)

    Great pages, as usual. I love your take and genius insight to the prompts and your artsy response.

  4. Sending ginormous humungous amounts of 'good ju-ju' to you and LHJ... your journal pages too:)

  5. Sending all the good vibes to LHJ I can find around the house, and the vibes in my house is good, so hopefully it will help. Great pages, the loosing tempers thing sounds like someone I know very well Next question... When is your birthday??? :-)))))))))

  6. Hmm, separated at birth? Could be....
    I, too, am wont to say some really horrible things when angry. Rarely ever does it work out. As for fixating on a current problem - don't we all? :) I'm a worst case scenario kinda gal myself. Which is sometimes a good thing because I'm rarely unprepared!
    Poor LHJ, poor Lauren! Good vibes to you both, my friend. And massive amounts of luck!

  7. These are so SO SO cool. I love the hold back one. I'm totally like that. I need to hold back my tongue when I am angry too!!

    I LOVE the colors on the up till now page. I hope this week you guys find your answers. I'm thinking of you!

  8. I too need to get my butt to the flickr group and leave some love!

  9. fabulous journals!! sending you some happy thoughts and hoping that you are able to find the right cause of the problem soon!

  10. Love your journal pages. You are amazing. Again. Cool to put the brain pics.


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