Thursday, May 6, 2010

heart the art--week 17 (thoughts)

cracking on with the HEART the ART catch-up process, here is my page for week #17: THOUGHTS:

(yellow glossy cardstock saved from a brochure; rainbow pattern & "la cabeza" from vintage books; a bit of an old nyc subway map; martha stewart butterfly punch used on scraps of patterned paper, old maps, chinese text, a mini calendar, play money, etc; sei & karen foster letter stickers--& a few oultines; hero arts glass beads; copic outliner; colorbox ink; uhu gluestick; 3m foam tape; manual typewriter)

i started out with this cool brain illustration from a vintage spanish text book i found at a booksale, and that fun "rainbow graph" from an art book. i cut the rainbow paper just slightly larger than i needed to fill my page, sat down at the typewriter, and just typed whatever thoughts came into my mind. then i cut it to size, made my little collage, and added the title letters. i actually thought it was done then, but at the very last minute i thought of adding the butterflies...and i'm glad i went with that because they're my favorite part!

i have to say i am very pleased with this one; considering i started out with no idea of where i was going or how i would get there, i really like where i ended up!


so what are some of YOUR random thoughts today?
tell, tell!


  1. This is just the coolest! I'm having trouble having any thoughts today...not even random ones!

  2. OOH !!! I love this! The butterflies totally make it. Great page!!

    Lets see my random thoughts... Why did I buy that ice cream and eat way too much of it?, I'm tired and should go change Leo now, Wonder why I keep thinking today is Friday?.

    Thats it. haha

  3. You should be proud of this Lauren it's brilliant!!! Jo x

  4. Love this colorful beauty...good for you for jotting down thoughts...I think I'll remember mine only to forget in like 1 minute...good grief, the joys of growing older.

  5. really cool! love the butterflies flying out!!

  6. Wowza ... you're right, the butterflies make the page ... and can I say I am jealous that you have a typewriter to type your random thoughts ... fabulous!

  7. Great idea and perfect interpretation of the idea of random thoughts - just typing whatever came to mind. This came together beautifully.

  8. Beautiful Lauren. Love everything about it, specially the thought written down with a typewrite. My random thoughts that comes back to me is that the day doesn't have enough hours for all the things I want to do... :-) Hugs..

  9. Way cool! I love the typing on the rainbow paper and I always imagined there would be butterflies in your brain! ;)

    (-: Heidi


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