Thursday, April 24, 2008

operation 15: WHAT'S FOR DINNER?

yep, i'm behind on paper adventure again. but that's ok. because an ADVENTURE would not really have a time limit attached to it, now would it? naaaaaaah. :)

so here is operation 15...from before vacation:

(cardstock: sei; photo corners: chatterbox; rub-on letters: american crafts; velvet letters: making memories; ribbon: making memories, we-r-memory keepers, michaels; other: saladworks brochure, staples, sharpie pens)

the title refers to the fact that lovely husband jeff and myself, being such creatures of habit, as soon as we know we have a chiropractor's appointment, we don't even HAVE TO think, "what's for dinner" ...since we know we'll be stopping for take-away at saladworks!

the ribbons on the left pull my journaling card out, it looks a bit like this:


  1. "Fantastic" creations since I last popped over Lauren..have a fab weekend:)x

  2. Yum yum yummy! We don't have a "Saladworks". Drat! I guess I'll be driving to NJ for my next chiropractic adjustment. BTW, I go every other Tuesday as well...very interesting! Great minds?

  3. Thanks for stopping by my little blog!

    I like your unique style & I hope you're having a fabulous vacation!

  4. Looks fantastic the salad looks so yummy!!

  5. Mmmm ... salad ... I tried a new beet, arugula, dried cherry, goat cheese and walnut salad and Biaggi's last weekend ... yummmy.

  6. thank goodness you explained because i was like huh???? at it makes perfect sense...very cute...i never heard of saladworks, they must not be in ohio yet...

  7. Yeah, I had no idea what that title meant either. I thought you meant maybe from gardening. I guess that's what journaling is for, huh? ;^)


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