Wednesday, April 16, 2008

vacation progress report

hey y'all!!!!

(i am practicing the local patois and getting quite good at it, if i do say so myself! admit it, you almost didn't recognize me there for a minute, did ya?! thought not! see?? i blend!) :)

as predicted we do not have unlimited t'internet here in our lovely mountain hideaway...but then...we have not had unlimited time, either, so that's actually worked out ok! the resort has wi-fi in their reception center, so i have been trying to stop down here every afternoon for an hour or so, to check email and so forth. i'm trying to post daily to webshots, since one of jeff's sisters was unable to make the trip due to a sudden illness, and she is following along at home.

if you are longing to see my complete set of photos to date... (in which case i beg of you to get a hobby or start an evening class!) ...following the link above will get you waaaaaaaaaay more mediocre snapshots than you ever imagined...and may well cure you for life of the desire to click random links! :)

in the meantime, here is some random beauty for ya: a statue's-eye-view of biltmore house, from the little gazebo on the hill. more pics..with follow!


  1. You totally blend Lauren! :P
    Okay. Seriously SLAP me accross the head. I havent commented in like 4 POSTS!! :O
    Thats bad. Yes. It is. Well im coming and commenting an EXTRA long one to make up for all the ones i missed :P
    OMG! is that where you are? A photo you took? Cause that veiw is simply AMAZING! I dont see much of that in Syd. Its all busy busy busyyy!
    And the micro challenge- branching out (i have the blog post right here. DW i dont know that by heart :) Is AMAZING! how did you do it? is it a pic from a picture book?
    Weel Sorry i havent been round. Will try alot harder!! :D

  2. Wow, a vacation in the Great Smokey Mountains and a tour of my second home (please ignore the dust bunnies you see on your tour) ...hope you enjoy it. Since you are a lover of all things should love my newest addition to my site. Since you'll have all that time to knit monkeys on your trip...I have just the place for one of your friends to set upon. Have a wonderful vacation...and I'll enjoy the pics while you're gone.

  3. This is a beautiful photo! I'm glad you are back in blogland.

    You may recall I am from Maryland. Didya know I attended N.C. State University? Yep, I'm a Wolfpack graduate. They give you extra points on your GPA if you add a syllable to every word. I think you would have a 5.0 :)

  4. Wow, gorgeous shot! Juat... absolutely beautiful. I'm going to have to go check out the rest!

  5. Oh soo beautiful Lauren..looks like you had a fabbie time..TFS!!!:)x


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