Thursday, April 10, 2008

...not VERY interesting...

it occurs to me that i have not posted anything of a papercraftical nature all week! what's up with that??!

it's not that i haven't MADE anything fact i've made some decent cards this week, if i do say so m''s just that i can't show them...yet. they're for the special caardvarks design team gallery that goes with our next challenge, starting 4-20. ordinarily, i would have time to do some little challenges in between, or at least make my paper adventure page for this week. but since we'll be on vacation next week, and i am still contending with the back from H-E-double-hockey-sticks... (many, many thanks for all the good wishes on that score, btw; it's MUCH better, but not yet 100%!) ...anyway, the point is, that i haven't made as many items as usual, and thus i am forced to fall back on the old stand-by...showing some pages i kind of like from my three beautiful things journal. so here ya go!

some pocket pages:
(the lefthand one is a cutdown DHL envelope & contains some receipts from awdrey's "DMV day"; the righthand one was me playing with some new products--the felt fusion and dcwv chipboard sayings--and some scraps)

some picture pages:
(the monkey one is an extra pic from sockrates & tipsy's most recent photo shoot; the tiger is from a magazine and says, "here kitty kitty" in rub-ons, and "warning: objects in book may be closer than they appear" in dymo labels)

some pages that don't really have anything in common...except i like them... :)

(the lefthand one is me using up some word stickers i didn't really like--tho they sort of "work" as a background, dontcha think?; the righthand one is part of the cover from a clothing catalog; it accidentally got wrinkled when i was gluing it on...but i like the effect!)


  1. well i always love to see the monkeys:) hey, there is a RAK on my blog that is RIGHT up your alley...come and see...

  2. these pages are all great! i especially like the word stickers as abackground. that turned out really great from a product you didn't really like. i love when that happens! i like the "here kitty..." and the warning that goes with it :) this may seem obvious yo others, but how did you get the monkeys on top of your journaling?

  3. These are great!!!
    I want to make a book like this now. Oh Man... but it is midnight & I need to get to bed.

  4. Super smashing marvellous pages .... but I for one want to see .... MORE MONKEY PICTURES!!!

    .... failing that, more DANIEL CRAIG PICTURES will just have to do .... *sigh*

    Hope you have a happy, pain free weekend.


  5. I don't know how you do it...such inspiration and wonderful works of art. Keep it coming girl!

  6. I love your pages Lauren! have a great weekend, and thanks for leaving me commments that make me laugh! xx

  7. Amazing. I especially love the last one... and the monkey ;)

  8. Hi Lauren. Great little "pages" very artistic.
    I love your new header - but I'll miss the old one.

  9. (sorry - I hit post it to soon)
    I hope you have a great weekend and your back starts feeling better.


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