Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The ABC's of EO... Part 3

Here are the next five cards in our Eyelet Outlet Brad Alphabet. This set takes us from L to S, with lots of adorable brads along the way.

Todays brads, allocated to each card are:

L: (Holiday) Lights, Lizards from the Reptile Brad set, the Lighthouse from the Boat and Lighthouse set, Lions from the Lion, Tiger, Zebra set, sequel to the popular Jungle Mix.

M: Mailbox from the Mail Brad set, Monkeys from the Jungle Mix, Mrs. Claus from the Santa and Mrs. Claus set, a Mood (technically an Emotion Brad) in a Mask from the CoVid-inspired Mask, Hand Sanitizer and Soap Brads, a Mower from the Lawn Mower Brad set (which is on sale!) and a stately Moose.

N: (Music) Notes, Navigation aka a Compass Brad, Navy (technically a Sailboat from the Boat and Lighthouse set with an Anchor Brad), a stack of Novels which we actually call Book Brads, and a Nutcracker.

O and P: The handsome Owl is known as a Sketched Owl (there are also Owl Brads and Winking Owls... both of which are on sale!), Ornament Brads are also on sale, and the Oven Glove is from the Cooking Brad set; the super-cute Paw Brads are one of two styles, a Party Hat is always a good idea (just ask the Birthday Sock Monkeys) and the Pipe Brad is part of a cool set that your Dad (or handy Mom) would love!

Q and R: Our Crown and Tiara Brads are fit for a Queen, the cute Quackers technically are called Duck Brads and the Quilting supplies are a combination of Thread and Scissor Brads (you need to get creative when it comes to the more challenging letters, lol!); a Rainbow from the Unicorn and Rainbow set, the Ring hails from our Wedding Brads and finally a handsome Rooster.

We're getting towards the end of the Alphabet... next week we'll wrap up with the letters S through Z!

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