Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Spoiler Alert: It Ends with "Zebra"

Yes, we've come to the fourth and final post of the Eyelet Outlet Alphabetical Brad ATC's! It's so exciting, I'm going to show off the entire set and then we'll talk about the letters S through Z.

And here are the individual cards, with all their brad styles listed:

S: Safety Pins, Shells (in the form of Shell Corners, Shells and Seashore Brads), the Sun from our Sun and Cloud set, one of two styles of Sunglass Brad, and a Sleigh direct from the North Pole. 

T: A Tractor Brad is a fine addition to any haul, while Tissues (and TP) come from the Toilet Paper and Tissue Brad set, (Summer) Trees, Tool Brads are great, but of course they need a Toolbox.

U and V: The U.S.A. is represented by our Patriotic Flag and Hat Brads, and the Utensils are called Silverware Brads, but the Unicorn is from the Unicorn and Rainbow set; a Vacuum from the Vacuum and Broom Brads (on sale!), both halves of the Video Game set and a Valise which is technically the Suitcase from our Travel Set.

W: A lovely Wreath, some Water Lillies from the Frog set, a champagne toast from the Wedding Brads, a Witch Hat and some Witch Legs.

X, Y and Z: An Xmas Tree (technically listed as a Pine Tree Brad) and a Skull Brad who's standing in as an X-ray; these cute Yellow Jackets are actually Bumble Bee Brads (there are Mini Bee Brads also) and the Yolk is in the center of the Fried Egg from our Bacon, Egg and Toast Brads; finally we've got Zinfandel from the Wine Brad set and a Zebra from the second Jungle Mix, called Lion, Tiger Zebra Brads

That concludes the EO Brad Alphabet, but of course there are lots more brads (plus washi tape, bling, flowers and more!) in the Eyelet Outlet Online Store; and be sure to consult the sidebar on the Eyelet Outlet Blog and look for the EO Booth at a tradeshow near you!

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