Tuesday, September 29, 2020

SOS430: On Trend: Slimline Cards

Slimline cards... (we used to call them Tall Cards, back in the day, lol) ...are the hottest thing at the moment, whether you make the "official" size of 3.5 x 8.5" or just a skinny version of an A2, we encourage you to try out this fun shape with us at Shopping Our Stash this fortnight! 

I made a full-sized Slimline because I found this gorgeous bass (I think...?!) in an ancient, falling apart garage sale book called, "The Wondrous World of Fishes" I made him a watery home using torn and distressed bits of leftover gelprints; added Eyelet Outlet Sequin bubbles and spelled out "Best Fishes" using ancient square alphabet stickers. (Since I started serious cardmaking --circa 1990ish-- I have probably made my brother, Bill, at least twenty versions of a "Best Fishes" card for his birthday; someday I will get tired of it, but that day did not arrive this year, lol!) A skinny-skinny mat of Idea-Ology silver metallic cardstock completes the design. This guy would've fit nicely in a storebought #10, but I decided to make a custom envelope, using an Ireland page from an old British road atlas, big letters from the dollar store and a sheet of Volkswagen stickers from Pipsticks!

Hop on over to SOS to see the Crew's super-inspiring Slimline Cards, then start planning what you will link up with us this fortnight!


  1. I love this! Unique and very creative!
    Chana Malkah

  2. OMG love those VW stickers and the way you put them in the name. Oh back to the card, awesome card, you can make scraps of everything look fantastic, Great Fish. Oh yes glad you didn't name me for calling them tall and skinny cards.

  3. Come on now, I don't think Best Fishes will ever get old...not for me anyway...I love it!
    I love the sequin bubbles...and that envelope???

  4. Once again, you created a fabulous card with scraps and gave that beautiful fish a home, I'm sure your brother will never get tired of your fishy cards.
    Awesome job!!


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