Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Look for Rainbows

I love rainbows! (I may have mentioned that, lol!) So I'm pretty pleased that Eyelet Outlet has Rainbow Tape (several styles, in fact) and Rainbow Brads (they come with unicorns!) and I'll take any excuse to use one or both, especially if I can also work in rainbow shades of Boot Brads or a rainbow of alphabet stickers... or all of the above!

I made two tape backgrounds from my current favorite Rainbow Washi; and used a fun handwriting font to print sentiments onto plain white cardstock. Cloud-edge dies continue the theme. My first card has a line of Boot Brads in rainbow order (there are five different colors, but don't worry, you get six MATCHING pairs of boots in each set!) The second card has only one pair of boots, but to set the scene, I've also incorporated Sun and Clouds, plus a rainbow from the Unicorn and Rainbow Brad set. Both cards have blue Tear Drop Bling rain splashes.

I hope these rainbows have brightened up your day, and if so, remember there are lots more at Eyelet Outlet!

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