Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Look Out For Those UFO's!

Because I'm pretty sure we all have at least a few half-completed backgrounds... or some pretty flowers we spent time fussy-cutting and then they didn't fit;  or the images we stamped but didn't color, or colored but didn't use... in short we all have Un-Finished Objects, aka U-F-O's! This fortnight at Shopping Our Stash we want to to retrieve a few of those and actually use them to make a card or other project. Sound good? Yeah, we thought so too.

I always have tons of leftovers and/or discards, because I often change my mind midstream, lol. I do go back and use them fairly regularly though. I have a storage section that has card-sized collaged or inked or colorbursted panels; a set of small drawers that's just xmas diecuts; and a whole series of envelopes that hold pre-fussy-cut collage elements. I raided the collaged panels and fusscut goodies and actually managed to pull together a four cards in an evening! Geez... I should do this more often!

The tulips miiiiiiiight be my fave. It's a simple card, but hey, who doesn't like a macro flower pic against a collage panel? I used one of the collage paper backgrounds (I often make a totally random "clean up collage" of leftover text papers instead of putting them away or throwing them out); a heart cut from some gorgeous Blue Fern Studio patterned paper and a mat of mustard-colored cardstock that I cannot imagine having bought, but it was *perfect* with the tulips.

I used another of the pre-made collage paper backgrounds make an "ink over collage" mandala using distress inks and pitt artist pens, then added one of the fussy-cut roses. I made a simple sheet music background for another of the roses with just some White Lace Tape and a skinny pink mat to serve as a sympathy card. Finally, one of the illustrated roses got added to the last collage background, which I trimmed down a bit. I confess that I've never seen a sparrow land on a flower in real life, but he's super-cute, so let's pretend it makes sense. It needed one more thing, so I scattered some Pretty Pink Posh champagne-colored sequins. The End. :) 

Of course you only need to make one UFO-centric card to join us at SOS, but who knows? Maybe you'll get on a roll too! ♥


  1. Ohhhhhhh so pretty!!
    I so love your ability to combine elements, colours, layers to make them look like thats how they were born to be put together!

  2. They are ALL GORGEOUS!!! Love the bird the best, though! :D

  3. Gorgeous cards, love them all but my favourite is the last one, that bird is fabulous. as is the flower .

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! It stands to reason that with all the amazing projects you create each day, you would have leftovers that can be used to produce even more stunning projects! Beautiful crafting as always!
    Chana Malkah

  5. Wow. You came up with some fantastic cards from those bits. I do t know how you do it. You are a collage master.


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