Saturday, June 20, 2020


Ok, technically all of my many styles of index cards (I try to find a new variety each year, then share with my nieces) all live together in one little file box, but there are quite a few of them. Here are the ones I finished this week:

day 13: kite or rhombus
but a zen doodle kite, though, obviously! :)
(i wish i could TANGLE like my friends lorraine and cyndie!)

day 14: off prompt
we've had a tiny little chipmunk hanging around the yard for the last couple of weeks. so clearly i needed to make a one-staple collage in his honor!

day 15: chamomile
super minimal... it was hard to leave all that white space...
(i should point out that i'm numbering these by the day i do them, not by the official prompts list; i tend to jump around a bit...)

day 16: off prompt
on this day i got the set of 36 zig clean color realbrush markers from the ink pad. and since my life goal is #tryallthepens i obviously had to use as many as possible IMMEDIATELY.

day 17: dandelion
a space-age variety in blue... these only grew in palm springs in the late 1950's.

day 18: mustard yellow
the part of "mustard" is being played by squeezed lemonade and fossilized amber distress oxides; as ballpark and dijon mustards, respectively.
(experimenting with an awesome stencilgirl 6x6 stencil called four tribal patterns, designed by andrew borloz.)

day 19: six word story
i've always wanted to write a six word story, and someday i will, but on this day, i kind of went with six word self help book, instead!


Hope you had a good week and that you have something fun planned today!

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  1. You always do index cards justice! I especially love the rainbow lines and am equally in shock with all the white space left in your chamomile!


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