Saturday, June 13, 2020

I'm an ICAD-ian

...and you can be too, all you need is a stack of index cards! No need to catch up; no need to follow the prompts (but they're HERE if you want them); absolutely ANY creative media is fair game. This week I mostly felt like doodling... next week it might all be collage or stencil creations or... who knows?

day 6: dreamcatcher
i'm not in love with my proportions here, but my first attempt at drawing a dreamcatcher was definitely fun, so i predict you'll be seeing more in future.

day 7: highway
like the song says: life is an abstract, zendoodle highway, am i right?

day 8: suzani pattern
yes, i had to google "suzani" and the amazing tapestries i found may 
have sparked a bit of an obsession. just sayin'...

day 9: bookcase
i was planning to do something much more abstract, but this 
unexpectedly became quite a literal bookcase, which is fine.

day 10: david bowie
i may come back to this prompt, because i feel like i didn't come up with an awesome concept. i went sort of blank, so i just drew a stylized diamond-ish pattern based on my second favorite bowie song, "diamond dogs". i like it but it doesn't seem bowie-ish enough somehow...

day 11: off prompt
i had an idea for "tiramisu" which you may see later on, but on this particular day i had brought home some amazing new glitter markers the ink pad is carrying and so i had to play with them.

day 12: brocade
is it wrong that i now want some pillows 
made from my wonky indian-inspired brocade pattern??



  1. I feel like Diamond Dogs needed an earring and more eye liner ... love them all

  2. Your cards always knock my socks off!


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