Wednesday, June 3, 2020

For the Record

Eyelet Outlet Record Brads, that is! They're the newest release in the EO Store and bound to be a big hit if you ask me! Here are a couple of cards I made:

As often happens, I had two ideas. In this case one was pretty minimal and one was... ummmmm... not, lol. Let's start with the maximalist version: A long sentiment made of Dymo labels and foam stickers, with the O's swapped out in favor of the larger Record Brads, with a few extra large and small records* scattered about, and a band of Skinny Tape at the top and bottom.

And here's the minimalist take: shorter sentiment, but again the Record Brads stand in for the O's in "You Rock". In addition to scattering a few more records, I've added some Music Note Brads and some tiny red Star Sequins over a few stenciled stars.

When you can't decided between two ideas, why not MAKE BOTH! I promise, we have plenty of Eyelet Outlet Brads for you to experiment with!

*YES, I am old enough to know that the Big Records are LP's or albums and the small ones are 45's or singles. 
(& YES I had tons of both Back in the Day!)

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