Saturday, June 6, 2020

Hello ICAD 2020

Hard to believe we're already well into the first week of this year's Index Card a Day project. But then in 2020, time has either FLOWN past at warp speed or crawled like... a thing that crawls really slowly. Meanwhile, here's my ICAD roundup:

the book
you definitely do not need a fancy book in which to keep your index cards, and i don't make one to be a showoff, honest; but because i love making little books and know from experience that having one will spur me on to add a new card each night.  

day 1: off prompt
(mandala monday)
i love the optional prompt lists that tammy g posts at daisy yellow and on social media. but for me, mondays are always going to mean mandalas, and finding extra time on eight consecutive sunday nights to make a mandala AND an ICAD is not going to happen. so for june and july, mandala mondays are index-card-centric; while at the same time, i will joggle around the prompts so that i can do the ones that speak to me, on whatever day i get them done. again, i stress the importance of tailoring ICAD to make it work for you

day 2: hopscotch
when we were looking at the prompts, my sister said "hopscotch" made her think of "butterscotch", which apparently stuck in my head when i sat down to make this card.

day 2a: #blackouttuesday
i was impressed and moved by both the level of participation in #blackouttuesday and by the  thoughtful and sometimes profound messages that people expressed. i wanted to remember this one, so i made the simplest of cards.

day 3: marigold
an actual drawing, from a reference photo!
colored in with archival inks using sponge daubers.

day 4: sequins
if you ever think to yourself, "i wonder if it would be fun and meditative to use a dot marker to make dozens of small round shapes, then pierce a hole in the center of each one, outline and add a shadow?" let me save you some time by answering NOPE. 

day 5: 1980's
(one-staple collage)
kind of psyched to have worked this beloved ICAD tradition into week one!
(if you're wondering what i'm talking about: the first or second year i did ICAD, tammy g had brainstormed a whole list of creative prompts and twists. "stapled collage" immediately obsessed me; and for reasons i can't explain, i immediately decided the whole collage should be held together with ONE STAPLE. i made one and posted it, tammy saw it and made one too, and it kind of became A Thing. it tends to revive most years and is a very fun/challenging collage exercise because the structure of having only one attachment point changes EVERYTHING!)

If you're already ICAD-ing I hope you're having as much fun as I am; if you're not yet ICAD-ing, it's NOT too late to start! The (entirely optional!!!) prompts for weeks one and two are here. Don't worry about catching up, just jump in and give it a try!


  1. As you probably know, I always think about doing it ... but always realize it is much more your thing than my thing ... my thing is constantly being amazed at what you do and oooohing and aaahing at each amazing card, especially the single staple collages ... I seriously love that one and would love a single staple collage greeting card some day especially if it's 80's fashion focused.

  2. I agree with Stephanie your creations ar phenomenal I'm not behind just need to catch up


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