Saturday, June 27, 2020

ICAD-ing Along

Here's this week's worth of conveniently-sized index card art from ICAD2020 which I've been sharing daily on my Instagram; if you'd like to check out the prompts or other info it's all here in the Blog section of  Daisy Yellow Art!

day 20: birdhouse
my SOS dt sister and ICAD buddy mimi shared a big, luscious stack of library catalog cards with me and a few she had even *watercolored* like this beautiful green one. it made the perfect home for a little collage inspired by the super-songful house wren whom i met at my friend anna's house! 
(because YES, i went OUT, to a place!) 

day 21: robot
i should probably mention that i've been doing whichever prompt appeals to me on whatever day i have an idea. so my numbering system is different than the official, 100% optional, list. this one features (surprise!) another awesome library card with a vintage illustration and some fun cloud doodles.

day 22: mandala monday
i was running out of tabbed index card dividers, but the only plain manilla ones on staples' website came in a box of 100. i hemmed and hawed, but since i do love them for watercoloring and i figured i could share a bunch with my nieces, i caved and got them. SO happy i did, because they are best ones i've ever found, they can be colorbursted to my heart's content without buckling! ♥

day 23: geode
or possibly "sparkly cabbage" would be a better name, lol? definitely a fun combination of  chartreuse, lime and turquoise colorburst, plus some verdigris liquid metal. outlined with a golden tinou glitter marker and my trusty faber-castell pitt pens.

day 24: terrarium
i based my drawing on artwork i found via google image search, which i somehow neglected to save, and now cannot re-find to give credit. (sorry!)

day 25: emerald
there are probably too many ideas here, lol. basically i had a FAB new stencil called "doodle it geometric landscape" by maria mcguire, for StencilGirl, and i couldn't wait to play with it! :)

day 26: bougainvillea
the old saying that you really haven't SEEN something properly until you've tried to draw it is definitely true! for example, bougainvillea have veined petals in clusters of threes, with a sort of center trough, and a tiny white flower center surrounding some yellow pollenny stuff. not sure i captured any of that... but thanks to ColorBurst in shades of peony, alizarin crimson and gamboge i think i managed the huge hit of color pretty accurately, at least. 

hope you are having a fun and creative last saturday of june!

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  1. I just might NEED that stencil ... and what you made with it makes it even more amazing ... as always, love them all ... tiny little masterpieces.


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