Saturday, July 28, 2018

the end is near...

...the end of 2018's 61-day index card a day marathon, that is. we finish up on tuesday, after what has been, without doubt, the FASTEST june and july of all time: yowza! here are a few more cards, and i'll post the final wrap up the middle of next week.

day 54: tide pool
this year i haven't often used the (entirely awesome!) prompts that tammy generously devised and provided for the group. some years i do every single one, either because i'm enjoying the challenge of figuring out how to approach them, or because i'm not sure where to go on my own. this year i seem to have had (admittedly bizarre) ideas burning holes in my brain all summer, so i've mostly followed whatever i was "into" at the time. i think that's probably a good thing...?

day 55: circuit or network
a truly ODD one-staple collage, made entirely to show off the fact that i found a diagram of an electrical circuit to collage around! also: some rhinos, a bridge tally, a piece of magazine paper with a drawing of cassette tapes and a couple of unrelated stickers! 
(as random and unfocused as it is, i do really like this tho, lol)

day 56
a verrrrrrrry loose colorburst floral, made using the "smoosh" technique. with LOTS of doodles on top.

day 57: typewriter
this prompt was actually from monday, but i like to post mandalas on mondays, so i skipped past it. here's a flashback, lol. lots of typing-related goodies, including a dictionary illustration, a page from a typing exercise book and a torn, reversed, bit of an old-school mimeograph copy, cloaked the stainy purple ink of my 1970's elementary school days! :)



  1. oh yummy....all are fantastic. I love best thay you embrace COLOR.

  2. Wowzers! Love your ICADS. I tried this one time with Tammy, lasted 4 days. You rock!(well, of course you do, you're a jingle belle, haha) xoxo


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