Monday, July 23, 2018

hard to believe...

...we're already headed into the last full week of ICAD. where has july gone, eh?! meanwhile, here are my tiny index card masterpieces from the past week:

day 47: love
in this case i used the day's prompt as an excuse to include all the ingredients i LOVE to use in a collage: a tiny auto from "illustrated motorcars of the world", several varieties of ledger paper, my favorite ken oliver flower mandala stamp, and loads of ancient, imperfect rub-on transfers!

day 48
my found text (in english and french) reads, "and the fish, his name is leblanc" which pretty much sums up everything we need to know about this one!

day 49: 
a one-staple collage of random yellow things. because at 10:30pm that's how scientific my process is, lol. actually, that's often how my process is, regardless of time. in a way, it's based on an actual art principle: the designs we instinctively like have some sort of unifying factor. in this case, it's color. 

day 50
super, SUPER loose colorburst florals, painted "wet into wet" so that the shades blend and bleed into each other. with pitt artist pen outlines, applied after the card was thoroughly dry.

day51: mint
a collage which embodies the day's prompt in a way that makes sense! woohoo!!!
(incorporating, and pictured atop, a whole entire box of vintage slidemounts that my aunt judie gave me, do i even have to mention how much i looooooooooove them?!)

day 52: postage
another vintage ingredient i love, that's easy and inexpensive to collect: old stamps. again, i composed the background more or less by color. 

day 53: mandala monday
ledger paper, graph paper, notebook paper, text paper... i love paper... 
have i mentioned that recently??! :)

i love mandala monday, also, and i hope yours is a particularly good one!

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