Monday, July 16, 2018

index cards for everybody!!!

this summer could be subtitled, "more ICADs, less prompts" lol. i don't think there's ever been a year when i've so seldom worked with the themes that tammy g generously develops for us. it's not that i haven't liked them, i just seem to keep having ideas that are burning a hole in my brain, creatively. i *guess* that's a good thing, right?

day 40
another attempt at a collage adhered with washi tape. my favorite version so far, and much the closest to the idea i was going for... but still not quite exactly IT...

day 41
inspired by my friend susan's tiny, amazing, painted floral ICADs i had a go with colorburst, on a nice strong tabbed divider card. i forced myself NOT to outline... 
(but yeah: i still want to go back with a fine point pen and outline!)

day 42
a one-staple collage i really like!

day 43
i've been fascinated with mosaics lately. as in, "i'd love to take a tile mosaic class" but meanwhile, i think i'll play with bits of colorbursted watercolor paper. this is my first attempt to make a mosaic pretty similar in technique to the way you'd actually do it with tile. i think i might be cured, lol. it's just. sooooooooo. fiddly. ack. 

 day 44
collage cut-out flower with doodled leaves? yes, please!

day 45
i sat down with my colorbursts thinking, "abstract florals". well, i was half right!

day 46: mandala monday
i didn't set out to draw a peacock mandala, it just sort of happened, and i'm fine with that.

have an excellent day and KEEP COOL, darlings!


  1. These are so colorfully wonderful, or wonderfully colorful.

  2. I am so fascinated by these icads. I'd be sitting with blank cards for a very long time.


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