Monday, July 9, 2018

ICAD roundup: now even ICAD-ier!

would you like to see more index cards? because i just happen to have some right here. no pressure...

day 33(a and b): denim or blue
a couple of experiments with a new waterbrush featuring all of my favorite shades of blue and indigo colorburst. one is outlined with a pitt artist pen and one with machine stitching.
(for the record, ranger's TH waterbrush with the medium fine tip is still my favorite.)

day 34
random colorburst patterns with pitt pen (xs and s nibs) outlines on top. one of my "default modes" for nights when i have no particular idea to try out.

day 35: mosaic
this is the scrap of watercolor paper on which i used up my leftover colorburst from the "blue prompt" on day 33. i always wind up with a little too much CB out of the bottle, and i always have offcuts of watercolor paper, so i store the latter with the former, paint off the leftovers, and use them for diecutting or other essperiments. like making a mosaic, lol. i did a bit of random machine stitching after i had adhered all my "tiles" to the gridded index card, just to make sure they were all really going to stay. on. there.

day 36
it's orange... it's doodle-centric... it's vaguely leafy... with shadows! :)

day 37
as much as i love the cards that turn out beautifully, i kind of almost love the "not quiiiiiiiite makin' it" cards even more. in this case i was trying to make a collage using washi tape as my only adhesive. it wasn't an entirely successful idea, but it was really fun!

 day 38: palette
ok, technically the spectrum, but it's the basis on which many palettes are built. btw, i still love old school, analog, cut-stuff-outta-magazines collage. just sayin'... 

day 39: mandala monday
a scrap of colorburst watercolor flowers, some layers of gel print deli paper and a few posca pens. on my very last purple index card from a pack of funky assorted colors i got at target last year.

have an AWESOME monday!!!


  1. I love all the cards and the orange is yummy. I have some Colour Burst and I haven't even tried them yet, great opportunity. Thank you so very much for this great artwork you do!! :)


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