Wednesday, July 12, 2017

WHOOOOOOOOO loves ya, baby?!*

Is it just me or is almost everything better if when comes in ♥RAINBOW♥ colors?! Case in point: The cards I've posted on the EO Blog today, featuring Eyelet Outlet Owl Brads. There are twelve brads, in a variety of shades, in every packet. AND... They come in Bright and Pastel colorways! It's a rainbow of awesomeness, really, as you can see:

Of course you don't need to use all the colors, all at once, lol! But it's nice to know we have the option, right? The Enamel Hearts I've placed between the owls also come in LOTS of colors and sizes, so you'll OWL-ways have the right ones on hand!

Once again I have made my own texty patterned paper by typing the phrase "love, OWL-ways" over and over in a word document, matching the colors to the Pastel Owl Brads; then printed it out onto cardstock and layered it onto my card. I've made the file into a .jpg so that you can use it too, if you'd like. It's just one of the fun things available on the Eyelet Outlet Blog's FREEBIE Page, which you might like to check out!

Another way to use the sweet Owl Brads, and the same sentiment is to pair them up and place them in an appropriate setting. When I found this cute journal card with the branch right on it, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. This time I stamped the phrase, to make it a bigger part of the design. I finished off with woodgrain mats and more Enamel Hearts!

I hope you'll be inspired to make something with ALL your favorite colors today! Meanwhile, hop over to the Eyelet Outlet Blog and see what kind of awesomeness Carri has for you!

*My maternal grandfather (aka Pop Pop) was a big Kojak fan, and for years and years afterwards would say hello or goodbye to us grandkids with, "Who loves ya, baby?" ♥♥♥

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