Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Many Multi-Layer Mandalas

Hi folks, it's my day on the Eyelet Outlet Blog again. I was lucky enough to receive some incredibly cool layered mandala dies for my birthday, from my crafty bff and fellow EO designer Stephanie Severin, and of course my first thought was: how cool they would look when paired with Eyelet Outlet brads, washi tape and paper flowers! Here are a couple of cards that I think prove my point, lol:

My first idea was to cut each layer of the mandala in a different color, and reassemble them all using classic small 1/8" Round Brads and teeny 1/16" Round Brads as accents. Luckily both varieties come in loads of beautiful colors, so I had plenty of choice. As I was stacking up the embellished layers, I noticed that the smallest and largest of my Purple Paper Flowers were the perfect size to be incorporated into the design, and they added even more color and texture! When I was assembling the finished card, I realized that the one thing that was missing was *SPARKLE* so I added a border of Skinny Glitter Washi Tape to the mat under my mandala, and it was the perfect accent!

My second card was inspired by the leftover mandala layers, and how much I loved mixing them with the Paper FlowersI started stacking them in different combinations, and instead of using the center from the die, I grabbed these fun Daisy Flower Brads, which are rather mandala-like, don't you think? I added Champagne Swirl Bling (though there were actually quite a few colors which looked equally cool!) and some Foil Dots Tape and called it good.

I hope you'll be inspired to look at your dies --and your EO Brads!-- and see lots of new possibilities. Meanwhile, there are always loads of ideas on the Eyelet Outlet Blog. Why not hop over and scroll down and see what my Wednesday partner Carri is up to today? ♥


  1. Omg, Stephanie is the best... we really need to thank her for getting these dies to you, because you will now make beautiful things to share with the people!

  2. Wow these are know I love the colors.

  3. It makes me so happy to see you rockin' those die cuts ... absolutely fabulous.


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